Rachel McAdams pumping during a modeling shoot is peak mom badassery.


If you’ve never attached a machine to extract milk from your body parts, you may not fully understand how badass this is.

Pumping breastmilk may seem like a no-big-deal endeavor to some, but as a mom who has breastfed three kids and pumped for a fourth, I can attest that it takes more than you might think. Time, energy, patience, the willingness to feel like a dairy cow, and the capacity required to loosen enough to get a letdown while being strapped to an apparatus that looks like it belongs on a space shuttle are all required to support a successful pumping session.

And here’s Rachel McAdams, all decked out in designer excavations, looking like a complete and total badass while pumping for her baby.

It may appear totally foreign to those of us who pumped in sweatshirts on our sofas or in business casual in an office bathroom, but McAdams is working here, so more power to her. And the effect of the image is truly stunning. This is what I like to imagined I looked like while pumping–a powerful feminine force in matching vixens cherry-red lipstick and fingernails, donning a diamond choker that glistens like justice.

Seriously badass.

Claire Rothstein, the photographer who shared the photo, called McAdams “just f* cking major.” Yup.

Rothstein shared the photo on Instagram, explaining that McAdams was six months postpartum and breastfeeding her son. She wrote 😛 TAGEND

A million reasons why I wanted to post this scene. Obviously #rachelmcadams appears unbelievable and was quite literally the dream to work with but also this kill was about 6 months post her giving birth to her son, so between shots she was conveying/ pumping as still breastfeeding. We had a reciprocal appreciation disagreement about who’s suggestion it was to take this picture but I’m still sure it was hers which stimulates me love her even more. Breastfeeding is the most normal thing in the world and I can’t for the life of me imagine why or how it is ever frowned upon or scared of. I don’t even think it needs explaining but just wanted to put this out there, as if it even changes one person’s perception of something so natural, so normal, so amazing then that’s great. Besides she’s wearing Versace and @bulgariofficial diamonds and is simply fucking major. Big shout out to all the girls

Rothstein also added, “Side note: I did not appear anywhere near as fantastic as this when feeding/ pumping. And that’s ok too.”

Indeed. This photo isn’t meant to reproach mamas who don’t don decorator brands while pumping. What makes it so striking is the model-perfect styling mixed with real motherhood, bringing the former down to globe and the latter into a world often at odds with reality.

When we consider celebrities breastfeeding or pumping, it helps normalize something that is…well…normal.

It seems a bit silly that the hashtag #normalizebreastfeeding even exists, since feeding a baby the route all mammals feed babies is pretty much the definitions contained in normal. But since there are still the squeamish and illogical among us, breastfeeding does need some advocacy to be seen as the normal, natural , no-biggie-but-also-amazing thing that it is.

Kudos to Rachel McAdams for pumping on the job, and kudos to this photographer for capturing a few moments that empowers mommas everywhere.

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