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years from now when people ask what the longest government shutdown in US history was all about what will be said the short answer of course is the wall the 35 days shutdown over the wall which caused immeasurable suffering to hundreds of thousands Americans ended today the same day that Roger stone the longtime Donald Trump advisor who invented the idea of building the wall as a trick to remind Donald Trump to talk tough on immigration at his campaign rallies was taken into custody in the early morning hours by more than two dozen federal employees working without pay armed FBI agents and indicted by Robert Muller Donald Trump’s terrible Friday started with that news and ended with him violating one of Roger Stone’s cardinal rules of politics never admit defeat I am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government [Applause] as everyone knows I have a very powerful alternative but I didn’t want to use it at this time you know Donald Trump put a brave face on that but that is what total abject defeat sounds like that is what complete surrender to Nancy Pelosi sounds like we’re grateful to Democrats on both sides of the Capitol for their unity that was very very important in these discussions it said though that it’s taken this long to come to an obvious conclusion I quote Lincoln all the time public sentiment is everything that you can accomplish almost anything then we thank the public for weighing in so strongly 35 days of a shutdown and Donald Trump got nothing 800,000 federal workers got the financial hardship of two missed paychecks another 1.2 million federal contractors will never be made whole members of the Coast Guard were forced to go to food banks local law enforcement agency sorry law enforcement agencies were begging for money to enable them to just do their jobs today Airlines begin grounding flights as air traffic controllers called in sick and all for nothing tonight the President signed the legislation he vowed not to sign after it passed in the Senate and the house it will fund the government for 21 days but just because Donald Trump got nothing doesn’t mean the situation is the same as it was 35 days ago Nancy Pelosi took on Trump and beat him the Democratic caucus stayed United and it’s starting to sound like the Republican caucus caucus is changing course this is good news this is long-awaited news in fairness mr. president this never should have happened and of course Trump’s base feels betrayed conservative commentator Ann Coulter who prior to the shutdown was enjoying the power to order the President of the United States around tweeted quote good news for George Herbert Walker Bush as of today he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as president of the United States one headline for right-wing media outlet Breitbart news ray government open and border no wall still no SOTU tonight Donald Trump took to Twitter to try and claim defeat is not defeat with a vague threat about what could happen when the temporary funding runs out in 21 days well this was in no way a concession if no deal is done it’s off to the races exclamation point joining us now is Tim O’Brien executive editor of Bloomberg opinion an MSNBC contributor near a Tandon president of the Center for American Progress and Eugene Robinson associate editor and Pulitzer prize-winning opinion writer for The Washington Post and he’s also an MSNBC political analyst and you know actually gonna start with you on this just to give us kind of your big picture of what we saw today you saw a president probably at his weakest moment if you if you split screened Donald Trump and Roger stone it would be hard to tell which of them was getting indicted because Roger stone looked jubilant throwing up his hands like Nixon and Donald Trump look completely deflated he was deflated he was he could couldn’t even convince himself of what he was saying he said well we have a deal what’s not a deal it was a capitulation it was the deal he could the exact deal with no alteration no variation whatsoever that he could have had 35 days ago it was the it was basically the deal that he had agreed to and then reneged on back in December it was not a deal it was a surrender and and you know one thing that that has struck me there’s a fabulous story in The Washington Post posted tonight by my colleagues phil rutt my colleague Phil Rucker and others about sort of the the inside tick-tock of this capitulation and one thing that comes through is what terrible advice Donald Trump was getting not that you can tell him anything but and people like Jared Kushner completely misread the political situation completely misread the Democratic caucus they all misread Nancy Pelosi it’s not like she’s an unknown quantity she’s been around for a long time everybody in Washington knows who she is and and how she operates and and to know what to expect but they had no clue they’ve been here two years and they had no clue of how to do this negotiation and they paid the price you know Tim O’Brien as somebody who’s been a biographer Donald Trump a they could have just watched television which is what Donald Trump does all day to know what the temperature was it’s shocking that they wouldn’t know that Democrats were not going to give Donald Trump a wall it’s not happening but it was it was interesting to see that split current split screen where Roger stone seemed like having the time of his life even though he was just indicted and Donald Trump looked completely the air was sucked out of him what do you think is going through his mind right now I don’t think Donald Trump never stays down for very long so I don’t think Donald Trump operating in the public eye in a defeated deflated mode is something that’s going to continue very long and I think the question we have to ask then is what’s the net result gonna be when he reinflates and I think what it’s gonna be I suspect is he will try to invoke national emergency powers on the southern border to try to do a wall that way I think he’s gonna get a lot of pressure from Republicans not to do that I don’t know that he’ll listen to them he’s gonna have to go through a weekend now in which he’s being spoken of as being emasculated being beaten by a woman he’s got an Coulter calling him a wimp yeah all of this gets to his sense of his own manhood in his masculinity and he never does well in that situation so I think he’s gonna lash out yeah I mean for a former administration official about reopening the government called it a total cave unless he calls national security emergency when he doesn’t get the wall funded in the next three weeks and this was Donald Trump saying sort of the same thing in the Rose Garden today I take a listen so let me be very clear we really have no choice but to build a powerful wall or steel barrier if we don’t get a fair deal from Congress the government will either shut down on February 15th again or I will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the Constitution of the United States it’s to address this emergency near attendant I don’t think any I haven’t spoken to anybody today who believes that the government was shut down again that Mitch McConnell will go along with this again he loves to have this saying about there’s no education in the second kick of a mule apparently he said that to his caucus I don’t think anybody believes Donald Trump is gonna show I think I’ll be able to shut the government down again what about this idea of him trying to save face by promising escalating the promises now to his base that now he’s going to invoke a national emergency your thoughts I mean he may well do that and I think that would really just kick it to the courts and you know numerous legal experts say it would be unconstitutional there’s clear Supreme Court precedent for that obviously the national emergency was also one an issue that was ridiculed by his base so it does create some wedge issues but I really think just to step back for one second about where we are I think one of the reasons why Donald Trump so misjudged Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats and essentially the political situation is because he has been dealing with a Republican Congress for two years that just did his bidding and this today in my view was really the first moment where the work that everyone did to elect the House Democratic majority really stopped Trump in his tracks yeah and it was a full-frontal defeat because he he just misjudged but also you know she has a strong caucus not a bare majority caucus a strong majority along and her her strength and her caucus strengthened Schumer’s hand in his caucus and so I think he just he just met the wall and it was Nancy Pelosi spine yeah I mean the Washington Post has a piece that talks about the prisoner prisoner of his own impulse inside Trump’s cave and what they say is the Trump and Pelosi had not spoken since their January 9 session in which the president stormed out of the White House Situation Room in a private meeting with some columnist earlier this week Pelosi was asked why she thought Trump had not created a more potent nickname for her than Nancy she replied according to a senior democratic aide some people think that’s because he understands the power of the speaker and you don’t tell my ways he is he is he teachable in the sense that he really didn’t clearly know what the Speaker of the House does and didn’t understand the power relative to the power of his office is there any side that maybe he doesn’t understand it that his team now understands it and it’s some way they will govern themselves according well his team’s come to it belatedly Donald Trump has probably the most inept administration ever to occupy the White House so this isn’t just a Donald Trump problem Jared Kushner is really yet to earn his junior g-man badge and they’re sending him to be the envoy to the Middle East they’ve got him working on immigration policy they’ve got him negotiating on the wall and he’s in over his head there’s no one around this president who’s competent enough to address the myriad numbers of policies that come in front of them to stand up to the President and tell him to listen when he should because Trump ultimately never listens to anybody and what you have now in this event is as Neera said it’s the first sort of landmark failure right for this team in which they’re exposed their incompetence is exposed it’s also Donald Trump revealed as an inept deal maker the guy who came to Washington with a base believing that he was a very competent businessman who could get things done in Washington even though his track record as a businessman was just as abysmal as this deal he just got plowed under by Nancy Pelosi ah yeah and that’s all come home to roost and for his party – you know it strikes me Eugene because you know oh really that’s come out of this is that Donald Trump his cabinet and even his daughter-in-law had been revealed to be incredibly callous individual people the Republican Party look completely weak they wouldn’t vote for the same thing they voted for before until a weakened president gave them permission and Lindsey Graham who styled himself the new bestie of Donald Trump and Trump whisperer he’s got nothing for all of his obsequious nough sand he will put himself out on a limb on January 2nd saying this about these wall negotiations let’s listen to Lindsey Graham if he gives in now that’s the end of 2019 in terms of him being an effective president that’s probably the end of his presidency from Lindsay’s lips to God’s a year but that’s a it’s a very interesting question so you know you gave the Mitch McConnell line that that every southern senator uses frankly about the no edge to get there being no education in the second kick of a meal so here’s my question how many Republican senators felt the mule-kick of this shutdown and and will want to avoid repeating the experience and and I don’t know the answer to that yet I we do know that there was an extremely tense Republican senators lunch I believe it was yesterday in which their voices were raised Senator Ron Johnson and Mitch McConnell sort of snarling at each other over over the debacle of the shutdown you had a number of Republican senators I think six six or seven who voted for the Democratic bill to opened the government without wall funding you had according to the Post story posted tonight you had Mitch McConnell calling the president saying look my senators are in volt I can’t hold this this is you’re gonna you’re gonna have to give up so is it has that changed is it is there another change in Washington not just Nancy Pelosi as another power center but is there a change in the Republican Senate and I’m not I’m not sure of the answer but we’ll say and you know Annie right he didn’t even get the State of the Union it you know there’s some theories out there that maybe he decided you know he would give in so that he could have his TV show Nancy Pelosi said uh-uh we’re not doing that either until the government fully open he didn’t even get the TV show back yeah I mean I think I’ll get it eventually but it’s gonna be on her terms and not his and just a felon and what was just said I think a really important thing that we have to recognize here is the psychological damage to Trump’s base I think said the wall was a central promise for Trump to his base the idea that he is a strong negotiator he set this whole thing up to go mano-a-mano against democrats and he failed and I think the one question is how this will move into the future Republicans really were hurt by following him and these poll numbers have been terrible you have a number of Republicans who were up in 2020 Joni Ernst Tillis others who voted who voted one way voted against themselves and then voted the other way I mean these people just voted against yesterday voted against a bill that they voted for today yeah so I think you know I think a lot of people are gonna wonder whether following Trump like they have in lockstep makes sense when it’s been such a political disaster over the last several weeks well Tim I’ll ask you that then because Donald Trump is not a custom number one to know and also to having to admit failure today he did have to admit failure I wonder if does he does he wind up getting abandoned here because if there he has delivered nothing but failure at the hands of a woman no less at the hands of a woman you know he actually didn’t admit failure he had the bizarre statement of saying we don’t build medieval walls we build smart walls and there is no money in this interim bill for a wall at all right so he wasn’t really admitting defeat he was telling a narrative that he could stomach in the Rose Garden when he’s gonna go now as you go home and count his marbles and figure out how he’s gonna have to come back at this group but what he’s done along the way is he’s frayed his base he’s frayed the GOP he has done reputational damage to the country he is he has caused logistical financial and reputational damage across the board is gonna be very hard for him to come back from yeah indeed it’s quite it’s gonna quite a 35 day spectacle Neera tanden Eugene Robinson Tim O’Brien thank you all very much thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word and the rest of MSNBC

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