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so keep in mind the background issues surrounding Jared Kushner and I think this is related that we just reported when listening to this next story The Washington Post has confirmed a New York Times report that some of the highest-ranking Trump White House appointees put their concerns in writing after President Trump ordered his chief of staff to grandson-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner a top-secret security clearance overruling intelligence officials and White House Counsel after domestic abuse allegations against then staff secretary Rob Porter remember that revealed that scores of officials lacked permanent security clearances then chief of staff John Kelly ordered a review in February of 2018 downgrading Kushner’s clearance and limiting his access to classified information in May of 2018 the White House counsel’s office which at the time was led by Don Magan recommended two trunk that Kushner not be given a clearance at top-secret level but the next day Trump ordered Kelley to grant it to Kushner to grant it to him anyway four people briefed on the matter told this to the New York Times Trump’s decisions so troubled senior administration officials that Kelley wrote an internal memo about how he had been ordered to give Kushner the clearance McGann also wrote an internal memo outlining the concerns that had been raised about Kushner including by the CIA and how McCain had recommended that he not be given a top secret clearance now the White House said last night that they don’t comment on security clearances but the president’s reported intervention in the process contradicts both what he and his daughter Ivanka who is also a senior White House adviser have said in the last four weeks I don’t think I have the authority to do that I’m not sure I did but I wouldn’t I wouldn’t do it you know Jarrod’s are good I was I was never involved with his security I know that he you know just from reading I know that there was issues back and forth about security for for numerous people actually but I don’t want to get involved in that stuff the president had no involvement pertaining to my clearance or my husband’s clearance so no special treatment no I mean Ken Delaney and I mean it’s so funny watching the Republicans on Capitol Hill act so shocked and stunned and he’s deeply saddened that Michael Cohen told a couple of lies here again present lies everyday lies repeatedly everyday lies about North Korean dictator’s brutalizing and killing an American college student so he’s reckless abroad and then he’s reckless at home I mean I was on the Armed Services Committee I’ve been through this process it’s a really serious process and the recklessness and the lying by Ivanka the lying by Donald Trump show once again they are just extraordinarily reckless people in charge of some of the most sensitive secrets in the United States government so Joe about a month ago NBC News reported that two career specialists inside the White House took a look at Jared Kushner’s application for a top-secret clearance and recommended denying it because of some of those foreign influence concerns that you showed earlier and I’ll add one more let’s not forget the Washington Post reported that US intelligence picked up information that four countries thought that they could influence Jared Kushner through financial or other considerations that those were intelligence reports so all this stuff all this information was in the hands of these people and they said no he can’t have a top secret clearance and they were overruled by their supervisor now what the post and the times are reporting today is that the reason that man overruled these people is because Donald Trump ordered it and he ordered his White House Counsel as chief of staff to make it happen and they did but they memorialize it because they were deeply concerned about it it’s important to note here Joe that President Trump had the absolute right legal right to do this this is a reminder of the awesome power that the American public have entrusted in Donald J Trump but instead of just owning it and announcing that he was gonna do this and override the system because it’s his classified information he lied about it and his daughter lied about it and there is a real public policy concern here because even though he had a right to do it career people have decided that Jared Kushner did not merit the trust to see the nation’s secrets and Donald Trump decided otherwise and now he’s got them now here’s an important qualifier though the CIA never granted Jared Kushner our reporting shows and posts said this as well the CIA never granted him that s CI designation for sensitive compartmented information you need that to see CIA source reporting and NSA intercepts which is really sort of the richest and best intelligence that top officials review so he doesn’t have that as far as we know unless the president is handing it to him despite his lack of a clearance yeah I which of course Steve Rattner is reckless as these people have been in the White House over the past two two and a half years who knows whether he’s doing doing that or not but I am just struck again by hearing Republicans acting so shocked that somebody in front of them had told some lies that while they worship at the feet of a man who lies repeatedly and gets caught in these sort of lies every day I’ll read you the quotes back I was never involved in Jared’s security I don’t like to get involved with things like that and Ivanka line even more saying just directly saying he was never involved in Jared’s security clearance or mine just again flat-out lies no it’s quite extraordinary usually if you want to tell a lie you find some weasel words or you find some way to slightly nuance it the way that you can later protect potentially come back and defend it but when you read the transcript and listen to the audio of that interview with Maggie Haberman and the times folks it was just absolutely flat-out try to come back to one second for something you mentioned and just sort of underscore it a little bit which is I’ve been watching this and I have my doubts as a businessman as to exactly what Jared’s agenda here is Jared seems to be spending a lot of time in countries and with people who have a lot of money in Saudi Arabia in China and Qatar and places like that and I know how this works and I know how money gets raised from these places and I sometimes wonder and I can’t prove any of this that jared is thinking as much about Jared and the Kushner family and their next life and how they’re going to finance their next life and using this in a way as a kind of form of crony capitalism as a platform from which he’s going to build a bunch of relationships with wealthy sovereigns all over the world that he’s going to take advantage of in his next life well and Steve that’s a great point because Mika and I actually had grave concerns during the transition and we expressed those concerns actually I expressed them to Jared and yeah and to others that he needed to decide whether he was going to work inside the White House or whether he was gonna raise money for 666 you couldn’t do both I told him stupid me little did I know what’s going to do both his father’s doing both again when we’ve talked about this a lot over the past two and a half years if you don’t understand Donald Trump’s foreign policy then follow the money you know not the political money follow the personal money Russia that’s all about Donald Trump and the bottom line his sons Eric and Fredo said that they got all of their money are most of their money the majority of them I think was Fredo who said they get the majority of their money I mean Don jr. okay Don jr. I get the majority of their money from the Russians yeah and Donald Trump bragged himself about how the Saudis love to throw during the campaign millions and millions of dollars why he thought they might have spent 150 million dollars on Trump toys mica Americans people who support Trump people who do not support Trump need to understand America’s foreign policy he used to be based on other ideas that I that I just I found you know after three seconds of searching on the Google machine today it’s really extraordinary and that was that was again promoting freedom across the globe and standing up to tyranny right now it is all about Donald Trump’s bottom line and mark the date circle a date save this tape you will see Trump supporters that he was playing you for a fool all along it’s all about his money it’s not about your freedom this is an important conversation we need to note and remember Joe Jarrod’s obsession with Rudy Giuliani and also Michael Flynn and and where they both stand right now in this conversation thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day’s biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more four Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching

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