Peter Kraus dishes on the market

During my recent conversation with Peter Kraus, which was supposed to be focused on Aperture and its open of the Aperture New World Opportunities Fund, I couldn’t facilitate turning off into tangents about world markets in general. Below is Kraus’ take on the availability of alpha generation, the Fed, inflation versus Amazon, housing, the cross-ownership of U.S. equities by a few massive monies and high-frequency trading.

Gregg Schoenberg: Will alpha has become still more available in the course of the coming 5 year than it has been over the past five ?

To think that at some phase equities won’t become more volatile and fall 20% to 30% … I think it’s crazy.

Peter Kraus: Do I think it’s more available in the next five years than it was in the last five years? No. Do I reckon people will pay more attention to it? Yes, because when sells are up to 30 percent, if you get another five, it doesn’t matter. When marketplaces are down 30 percentage and I save you five by being 25 percent down, you care.

GS: Is the Fed’s next keep it moving or down ?

PK: I anticipate the Fed does zero , nothing. In periods of its next interest rate move, in my judgement, there’s a higher probability that it’s down versus up.

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