Pentagon official: 120-day Syria withdrawal plan aims to please Trump ‘and not get everyone killed’

Washington( CNN) Pentagon officials told President Donald Trump that his ordering to withdraw troops from Syria within 30 periods was physically impossible without significant risk to US forces, multiple informed sources tell CNN, and the new 120 -day timeline is not an example of anything but reality, logistics, and physics.

“I said, ‘You know, I never said that I’m going to rush out, ‘” the President told Fox News Channel in an interview that operated on Monday.

Administration officials told reporters that the President was now granting the military several months for the withdrawal while Graham told journalists Sunday, “I think we’re slackening things down in a smart way … I think we’re in a intermission situation where we are re-evaluating what’s the best way to achieve the President’s objective of having people pay more and do more.”

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