Outraged Nation Of New Zealand Unites Against A Toxic Family Of Obnoxious British Tourists

Members of a certain British family have been classified as “worse than pigs, ” and they’re in the process of being extradited as we talked. The nation of New Zealand had enough. You don’t dirty their beaches with reckless vacate. Auckland Mayor, Phil Goff, was mentioned during his rage-riddled rant on a radio station, saying, “these people are junked. They are leeches.”

New Zealand’s aide general manager of migration, Peter Devoy, the unsettled commonwealth with the update they sorely needed to hear; and announced that they’d been issued a expulsion placard on the grounds of “matters related to character.”


This Tumblr user broke down the narration for us, and it is a ludicrous read!

aide general manager




general manager of migration


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