OpenTable Just Revealed The 100 Best Brunch Spots, So Get Ready For All The Avocado Toast

OpenTable’s 100 Best Brunch Restaurants In America For 2019 Will Inspire Your Next Outing


I don’t know about you, but I live for brunch and would die for brunch. I enjoy waking up slightly belatedly on a weekend, encountering up with friends while the neighborhood is bustling with activity, and selecting from a menu fitted with lunch breakfast options , not to mention perfectly crafted brunch booze picks. That’s why I was so rekindled when OpenTable removed an analysis of the most wonderful brunch eateries in the U.S ., because OpenTable’s 100 Best Brunch Restaurants in America for 2019 will help me and other brunch-lovers all over the country strengthening of brunch competition in a major behavior.

To determine the best brunch eateries in America, OpenTable analyzed diner refreshes accumulated between March 1, 2018 and February 28, 2019. Harmonizing to a press release, the company looked at overall diner rating, user clout, total number of reviews, and overall regional rating to decide an overall rating for the restaurants sector. Then, OpenTable combined that data with the sum of “brunch” tags on those restaurants and voila! A rating was generated.

Though 100 restaurants were rated against other eateries in the U.S ., the top 100 weren’t ranked among themselves, simply listed in alphabetical order on OpenTable’s released register. The roll includes eateries from all over the country and places that serve all different kinds of nutrient, and you can find the complete list of 100 of the hottest brunch places here. To get you started, here are 10 of OpenTable’s top 100 brunch restaurants that you can hit up for your next brunch outing.

1. Catch LA — Los Angeles, California

Courtesy of Catch LA

If you’re looking for a swanky brunch spot in Los Angeles, Catch LA is where you is intended to be. The West Hollywood seafood restaurant’s brunch menu peculiarity a raw barroom and mitt rollings for adventurous brunchers, as well as a classic brunch menu with omelettes and flapjacks for those who like to keep things simple-minded.

2. Tavern On The Green — New York, New York

Courtesy of Tavern On The Green

If your explanation of the perfect Sunday morning is a walk in the park followed by a hearty meal, Tavern On The Green in New York City is the perfect brunch alternative for you. The restaurant is situated within the west line-up of Central Park and boasts mouthwatering weekend brunch options like fruitwood inhaled salmon, avocado poached eggs, and brioche french toast.

3. Suraya — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Courtesy of Suraya

Suraya was voted the “Best New Restaurant of 2018 ” by publication and it’s not hard to see why. The Lebanese-inspired brunch dishes include a Lebanese flatbread called Man’oushe, a strained yogurt be used with pita called Labne, and sandwiches with kebab and falafel.

4. Little Goat Diner — Chicago, Illinois

Courtesy of Little Goat Diner

Little Goat Diner in Chicago might be called a diner but it’s likely different from any run-of-the mill diner knowledge you’ve had before. The restaurant’s all-day breakfast menuincludes takes on meat from throughout the world, including Paratha’s Burrito stirred with Indian flatbread and avocado-bean salad; Okonomiyaki, which is an Osaka street food constituted with pork belly; and a bowl called “This Little Piggy Went To China, ” boasting sichuan pork sausage. Little Goat Diner seems so good I might literally buy an aeroplane ticket to Chicago right now.

5. Willa Jean — New Orleans, Louisiana

Courtesy of Will Jean

Looking for a classic Southern bite? Head to Willa Jean in NOLA for your pack of shrimp and grits, corn food, and fried chicken. Of direction, it would be remiss of you to pass up on the French-inspired food in New Orleans, and Willa Jean’s menu contains slew of that, too.

6. Chez Zee — Austin, Texas

Courtesy of Chez Zee

If you’re looking for an extensive American brunch menu with an Austin flair, don’t miss Chez Zee in Texas’ capital. You can get Southern nutrient, Mexican food, kid-sized snacks, and choose from lots of excellent brunch liquors.

7. Lola — Seattle, Washington

Courtesy of Lola

Lola is a classy brunch restaurant near Seattle’s waterfront that peculiarity delicious Greek and Mediterranean-inspired dishesincluding Mediterranean octopus, Greek yogurt, and Turkish fig-lemon scones , not to mention kebab bowls, Meze( which are like Mediterranean tapas or appetizers ), and house-made cocktails.

8. Oxford Exchange — Tampa, Florida

Courtesy of The Oxford Exchange

For a truly unique dining experience in Florida, head to Oxford Exchange which describes itself as either “a large house, or a small town.” The restaurant offers simple, seasonal American fare, but the room also includes a bookstore, a employment and study neighbourhood, and room for private occurrences. It’s the perfect place if you want to spend the whole date out, dining, patronize, and getting stuff done.

9. The Henry — Phoenix, Arizona

Courtesy of The Henry

The Henry in Phoenix is the perfect Southwestern spot for those imploring some upscale, American brunch. With brunch menu components like “Caramel Apple French Toast, ” “Chicken Fried Chicken, ” and the “Quinoa Breakfast Burrito, ” there’s a little something for everyone at this vicinity spot.

10. Ambar — Arlington, Virginia

Courtesy of Ambar

Just around four miles from Washington, D.C, Ambar is the perfect restaurant for those imploring something unique. Ambar aspects Eastern European bowls all day and has an extensive brunch menu. Plus, guests can pay $44 to get limitless layers — with that, brunch sips expenditure exclusively 25 cents.

Make sure to check out OpenTable’s full restaurant inventory for additional top brunch restaurants close to you. Happy eating!

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