On Being A Brunette College Girl 30 Years After Ted Bundys Death

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On Being A Brunette College Girl 30 Years After Ted Bundy’s Death

Ted Bundy. I wasn’t even alive at the time of his death in 1989, yet alone at the time of his merciless assassinations. Ted Bundy is a faraway name. He’s grew such an riddle in American society. TO me, he doesn’t feel real.

But he was.

There’s something spooky about has become a 19 -year-old college student with dark dark-brown “hairs-breadth” today. Watching films about Ted, watching how he hunted his martyrs, all who seemed, to a certain extent, like me; that’s something that still haunts me today.

There’s a certain guilt about being alive today when 36 young woman, probably more, are not. I sometimes sit awake at night and wonder about what separates me from them. Truthfully, and it’s hard for me to admit, the only thing that saved me was duration. I wasn’t born until 1999, a full 10 years after Bundy was already dead. We weren’t living in the same world-wide at the same time.

It’s hard for me to think about myself in the 70 s, but it’s a home I find my subconsciou wandering too often. I wonder what my life would be like. I wonder how it must feel to have to always look over my shoulder. I wonder how life would’ve been for my parents if I was killed. I wonder about the remorse they would carry, how they would go on.

Those are the things I wonder about now.

I don’t wonder about him. I don’t wonder about what he would be like if he was still alive. I don’t wonder about all the girls he took away from the families of such. I don’t wonder about it at all. In constituent because it’s very painful, but also because I have to detach from it. I have to realize deep in my centre that no one be held accountable for Ted Bundy’s acts besides Ted Bundy. If we continue to allow it, we will never rightfully break free from his grip.

I would generate anything in the nations of the world to not know Ted’s name. I would dedicate anything in the nations of the world to not be able to recognize his eyes in a gang. I would throw anything to not “ve got to know” true immorality at such a young age.

I may not be a part of his web of lies, fraud, and agony, but I was a part of his fib. I think we all were, in a manner that was. We aren’t immune to him now that he’s led. I don’t think we ever were.

I don’t think, truthfully, that we will ever be safe again.

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