New Donald Trump Dank Meme Vine Compilation Best Donald Trump Memes 2016

scanning for Mexicans okay oblem in this country Muslims current president is one Tom Brady you people know a lot about trucks we’ve gone from X number to a much larger number do you believe President Obama was born in the United States I continue to believe mr. Tom Trump will not be President and the reason is because I have a lot of faith in the American people come on come on up here come on up come here so cute people think I’m controversial but the truth is I’m a pervert we have a message we have a message and the messages bullshit or you race in the least racist person that you have ever met are you sure about that everybody loves me everybody loves are you sure about that my wiener is going to Moscow on November 9 no perverts first of all this guy’s a joke brothers and this guy’s a liar hello you people know a lot about trucks Bing Bing bong Bing Bing bong Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing I guess I’d like Blanc because I am super duper game bing-bong Chewbacca your fire if you become president will a woman make the same as a man you’re gonna make the same if you do as good a job I could have said mitt drop to your knees he would have dropped to his face yeah time to talk to you Jim oh no this poor guy he’s a real beauty Donald Trump isn’t either one that’s like uh you’re all losers good evening how are you hello you people know a lot about trucks ping Bing bong bong no get those lights off off they’re too bright look at my african-american over here I love the Mexican people I love the spirit of the Mexican are you sure about that 7:00 in the motherfucking trap house messing with my money pull you back out you people are gonna be so proud of our countries I built an incredible business we’re gonna make America great again we will build the wall good I’m talking about illegal immigrants to introduce to you today Donald up you shouldn’t what was that is that a dog I am pretty pathetic and ugly this is why our country’s in trouble and then on second we should be able to penetrate the internet I’m just chillin Hillary Clinton’s a terrific woman I’ve known her and her husband for years and I really like them are you sure let’s make America great again boating for Donald Trump no no it’s kind of like a cartoon character my wiener is fairly disgusting and certainly very embarrassing Donald Trump will be a great president in the United States are you sure about that Weiner it’s time for you to get out you’re a total joke we have people that are stupid no drama Dewey may the force be with you disgusting I’m running for president that’s my second favorite book of all time do you know what my first is the Bible the Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing you’re not nice hello you people know a lot about trucks Bing Bing bong thank you very much well I have been trying to get mr. krabs to make some changes around here major speech probably Monday of next week I am officially running I don’t need anybody’s money it’s nice I’m really rich I was wondering what you would say to President Obama you’re fine I love my daddy it’s gonna be really a real wall going to be way up there why it’s gonna look good as good as a walking look and I said we need to build a wall President Obama he is the founder of Isis he’s the founder of Isis is the founder America I will be the judge Obama is a bitch-ass nigger the big problem this country has is get him out get him out get him out confiscate his coat get him out of here get out of here I love my grandchildren so much what if I talk about him for more than about 9 or 10 seconds you know what are we like to punch him in the face I’ll tell you come over here boom come up here boom come over here boom come up and belittled supported the invasion of Iraq wrong that is absolute wrong proved over and over again

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