NBA finals: Pascal Siakam soars as Raptors beat Warriors in Game 1

Toronto struck the first blow of the finals as Pascal Siakam helped the Raptors to win over the Warriors in Game 1 of the series


Since the Toronto Raptors’ first NBA season in 1995, the team and their love have suffered through outright embarrassment and agonizing playoff demolishes, “ve been waiting” their instant on basketball’s biggest stage.

On Thursday night, the Raptors didn’t just arrive on that stage for the first time but has pointed out that they belong with a gritty and resolute 118 -1 09 win over the protecting champ Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA finals.

For the Raptors to have any chance against the Warriors, it was believed they would need their sun musician, Kawhi Leonard, to continue his MVP-level concerts. But in a series that may end up full of astonishes, it wasn’t Leonard who predominated but forward Pascal Siakam and his career-best 32 points.

” Siakam was brilliant ,” the Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, said after the game.

Siakam led all shooters with an 82.4% field-goal percentage. His emphatic rebuff on a Draymond Green lay-up with just over six times staying in the fourth-quarter let the Raptors to maintain their 11 -point lead.” I think he plays with tremendous energy ,” Raptors manager coach Nick Nurse said of Siakam before the game,” and that’s what this series is going to need .”

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