Mixtape Podcast: Oracles alleged $400M issue with underrepresented groups

Screen time for kids, business allegedly not people from underrepresented groups and IBM offers some hope for the future of facial approval engineering: These are the topics that Megan Rose Dickey and I dive into on this week’s chapter of Mixtape.

According to research by psychologists from the University of Calgary, expending too much time in front of screens can stung the development of toddlers. The study found that kids 2-5 years old that are involved in more screen hour received worse scores in developmental screening tests.” We talk a little bit about this then wax nostalgically about” screen time” of yore.

We then turn to a filing against Oracle by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs that states the enterprise busines allegedly withheld upwards of $400 million to employees from underrepresented minority groups. The firm initially declined to comment, but then anticipated better of itself and returned the next day with its thoughts on the matter.

And finally, IBM is trying to make facial acceptance engineering a thing that doesn’t unfairly target people of color. Engineering! The positive word comes a few weeks after Amazon shareholders required that the company stop selling Rekognition, its very own facial approval tech that it sells to law enforcement and government agencies.

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