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with the shutdown over at least for now Democrats are moving to pass a series of election reforms which would in part prohibit the purging of voter rolls require presidential and vice presidential candidates to release their tax returns compel states to adopt independent redistricting commissions and create a matching system for small donor donations to congressional well you know let’s get out of these they’re all things are good government reforms I guess probably eighty percent of Americans believe 990 I mean that’s just good government that’s good before I’d like it a lot everybody turns at this point everybody is thank goodness we have something unifying that everybody can agree that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell what this critical take on the bill and specifically it’s moved to let people out of work on Election Day what their bill would make Election Day a new paid holiday for government workers and created an additional brand-new paid leave benefit for up to six days for any federal bureaucrat who decided they’d like to hang out at the polls during any election just what America needs another paid holiday and a bunch of government workers being paid to go out and work I assume our folks on our colleagues on the other side on their campaigns this is the Democrat plan to restore democracy a brand-new week of paid vacation for every federal employee would like to hover around while you cast your ballot a washington-based taxpayer subsidized Clearing House for a political campaign funding a power grab it’s smelling more and more like exactly what it is no we just like how does he make paying federal like right now right can’t make being nice to federal workers look dirty Mitch it doesn’t work in fact that just I mean that spell so flat especially after you for something wrong with him to work for several weeks because of unpaid just optics Halawa what a confidence I had a lot of federal government employees who voted for me I you want to give people a chimp we want to give people more of a chance to get out and vote for the Republican Party because the more people to vote the the impacts of Republican Party people aren’t the more people that are at polls they don’t vote for Republicans so this has been a consistent tactic of the GOP at the state federal and local level to keep people from voting we just wrote about in the beat DC this morning that in 2020 Hispanics will make up a large portion of the motor share and eventually they will be the biggest minority group of voters this is something that scares the Republican Party I’ll tell you I had the opportunity to be on the House floor during the swearing in when you looked at that chamber on one side you had the Democratic Party that really did look like America on the other side on the Republican side it really did look inconsistent with the way America is going it was a party of increasingly older white men and this is just not where the country is going that’s what this is about it’s not necessarily you know he’s painting this picture that you know we’re giving you government workers at the painting it didn’t seem as it sounds absurd there are people in America who will consistently back Mitch McConnell who are consistently they share this fear and anxiety of a more diverse America they share this fear and anxiety of people who look like me and other people showing up at the voter polls so they hear that and they think yeah that’s my guy not the majority of America but certainly there’s a faction of the Republican Party who echoed those sentiments and agree with him even at their own peril by the way really there’s some great ideas in there I mean if you want to take that part out of it amend that part out of it those other reforms the Democrats were putting forward seem like something that almost every American would agree with yeah I was a the idea of making Election Day a national holiday nothing wrong with that turnout in the 2016 presidential election was 55% that’s not very good that’s the lowest it wasn’t 20 years since the 1996 election anything we can do to get more people out to vote you would like to hear from whatever party he or she is from the majority leader of the United States Senate encouraged anything that gets more eligible voters out to the polls yeah hey Peter so what do things looking like on Capitol right now what what is the next step in terms of the government shutdown obviously Republicans and Democrats are quietly talking each other behind closed doors both of them both sides concerned that whatever deal they hammer out the presents are going to be disagreeable about where are we yeah I look the the conference committee the house Senate committee of both parties the seventeen members has begun meeting but there’s no sign yet that they’re obviously going to find some middle ground that was satisfied the president they could come out of it with some border security measure that would appeal to both Republicans and Democrats but if it doesn’t specifically and explicitly fund a wall or barrier or whatever phrase are going to use that’s that’s gonna be a no-go for the president he he has staked too much on this to let that go through without some sort of victory here and I think the conversation that was happening her here earlier is right I think we’re still heading toward the possible declaration of a national emergency that’s still probably the likeliest way out at this point for the president he can say I’ve done what I’m told voters I would do if the courts don’t like it fine we’ll fight it out there and we can keep the government open because there’s no appetite on the hill among Republicans even for another government shutdown at this point so that doesn’t mean it would be a popular move necessarily a lot of Republicans have spoken out against this idea of a national emergency they worry about the precedent it was set for a future liberal president imagine a president Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris with this kind of power they say they would make climate change the national emergency and bypass the Congress this is a bipartisan concern about presidential overreach and by and by the way Peter I mean the greatest example of that is is in any Second Amendment right supporter should be terrified of a president declaring a national emergency because after the next school shooting any Democratic president could easily look at the precedent declare a national emergency immediately put in force national background checks immediately put in force let’s say banning and bump stocks immediately put much more of a crisis no banning of military-style assault weapons I mean the Supreme Court is completely silent on all of those issues and they’ve deliberately been silent on all of those issues and other taking up a gun bill but the precedent that this would set for future Democratic presidents would be extraordinary well would be and this is something that scares concerns a lot of Republicans a lot of conservatives here remember we’ve been having this debate about the limits of presidential power now for quite a while we had it wonder george w bush whether he was pushing the boundaries too far in the war on terror we had it with barack obama was he pushing the boundaries too far on immigration and other issues he used executive power to try to achieve yeah now we’ve seen it with obviously president Trump he has been leery of going forward because of this opposition within his own party and he has been cautioned against it but it does seem like there’s politically not a lot of options for him at this point that lead him toward an outcome where he can say he got money for his number-one priority which is the wall along the border not cleavage I thought the final thoughts is that’s make him make him really do yeah Wow I want to reiterate that Jonathan Lamar does have a cute little just it’s actually what Peter said I’d the endgame here is the national emergency if it happens if it doesn’t you know either way it’s not a good choice for free my lord yeah he’s in a very bad mood he really is I’m mark Leibovich thank you very much his latest book is big game the NFL in dangerous times Peter Baker thank you as well and still ahead on Morning Joe why presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand is already going after fellow Democrat beta O’Rourke plus a legal victory for Senator Rand Paul after a fight with his next-door neighbor left him with six broken ribs you’re watching Morning Joe we’ll be right back thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day’s biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more four Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching

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