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michael cohen will be starting a busy week on Capitol Hill tomorrow Cohen will appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee in a closed session on Wednesday Cohen testifies before the House Oversight Committee in public and Thursday it’s another closed session this time with the House Intelligence Committee Ken Delaney and you have new reporting on what kind of testimony we can expect from Cohen and also what else prosecutors have learned from him in recent weeks tell us about it well mica so before the House and Senate intelligence committees he’s expected to address first of all his lies to those committees on the timing of the Trump Tower Moscow deal the fact that it was going on much longer than he admitted in public and much longer than Donald Trump ever acknowledged and just to back up on that it means this is a really important point because Michael Cohen in the plea documents exposed the fact that Donald Trump had lied during the campaign when you see they had no contacts no dealings with Russia because there was a meeting that Michael Cohen had with Donald Trump where they discussed approaching Vladimir Putin’s government about the Trump Tower Moscow deal so you can expect that he will clear all that up with with the house and the Senate behind closed doors but in public on Wednesday we could have an absolutely dramatic and riveting performance by Michael Cohen because while he’s not allowed to talk about the Russia investigation when he appears before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday he is going to talk about those hush money payments to women he and then there’s there’s an interesting list that house oversight put out the president’s compliance with financial disclosure requirements the president’s compliance with campaign finance laws president’s compliance with tax laws potential and actual conflicts of interests the president’s business practices Trump International Hotel in Washington DC and I’m told that Cohen has been prepping for this for a long time and he knows that he’s got credibility issues so he’s coming with documents and he’s got very detailed sorted and what Lanny Davis has described as chilling stories about how the president conducts himself behind closed doors I think we shouldn’t underestimate how powerful he’s seeing a trump insider who’s been with Donald Trump for more than ten years telling these stories before the glare of the television lights we shouldn’t underestimate how powerful that will be next week this week well and can also of course last week he talked about the family business information about the family business what are the biggest concerns there and who’s in his who possibly could legally be jeopardized by what he tells Congress about the quote family business well so this is what’s not entirely clear Jo is how much he can talk about things that go into the southern district investigation we reported last week that he has provided new information to those prosecutors in Manhattan about the Trump family business and about the Trump inaugural committee two subjects that they are investigating now I there’s it seems likely to me that some of those areas will be off-limits in his public testimony on Wednesday but nonetheless that is a very dangerous investigation for Donald Trump because unlike the robert muller investigation southern district prosecutors have no restrictions they can go anywhere and investigate anyone in their jurisdiction and look for any crime going back as long as the statute of limitations goes and so you know that the idea that they are poking around in Donald Trump’s business dealings going back many years must be very disquieting for president Trump ken one final question we’ve been hearing now it seems like from the beginning of the Moller investigation that the Moller investigation is about to wrap up we heard it was going to wrap up end of last week or maybe this week then we get the news on Friday no it’s not going to end up this week stay tuned do we know for certain that this thing is going to wrap up very soon or is this just more of the same it’s not more of the same of course we don’t know anything for certain when it comes to Robert Muller but all signs are pointing to the notion that he is wrapping up Pete Williams says he’s in the ninth inning Justice Department officials and congressional officials have all told us this you know it seems likely that the reason they announced that they weren’t going to receive the report this week is because they didn’t want to step on the president’s trip overseas in this important summit with the leader of North Korea but look all signs are pointing to the idea Muller has reduced the number of attorneys in his office he is brought in US Attorney’s from Washington DC on the stone case from the beginning which is first time that has happened in a Robert Muller case and we are reporting is that he began reporting writing his report back in August and so we believe that the report will be delivered now that doesn’t mean that the investigation stops obviously there are other cases that are pending that he will hand off the US Attorney’s and there may have been things he’s farmed out that we don’t even know about that will continue but in terms of this main question of coordination with Russia we believe that Robert Muller is close to delivering his final verdict on that right and and you bring up a great point the investigations go on a lot of people are expecting Robert Muller to deliver this death blow that will send Donald Trump tumbling to his knees and rolling out of Washington that’s not who Robert Muller is he’s conservative with a small C he’ll get the information they’ll pass along to Congress but also can really quickly and then we’ll get to the rest of the rest of our guests but but really quickly the Southern District of New York poses the greatest threat there also other the US Attorney’s that he may pass other information along to he’s done a lot of legwork and now this goes to prosecutors possibly on the federal level some state prosecutors can pick these up these investigations do not stop they actually move to places where actually US Attorney’s can go after illegal wrongdoing actually even more aggressively without being under the glare the political spotlight so yeah you’re saying you’re making two important points here Jo first on Russia even if Robert Muller doesn’t deliver a massive conspiracy indictment on the Russia question that doesn’t mean there wasn’t wrongdoing that doesn’t mean there isn’t a scandal he may deliver a report that discusses potentially impeachable offenses it may be that the Trump team were were unwilling dupes of a Russian intelligence operation that’s a scandal that’s that that’s gonna be very important for Congress and then in terms of criminal matters you’re right there are these other investigations into the inaugural committee into the Trump business dealings I mean Michael Cohen has already implicated the president in a campaign finance felony which for some reason we’re not talking about every day which we would be to another presidency so yeah this is not over by a long shot I saw this incredible feat that a Kent thank you so much for being as appreciate it yeah I saw this incredible Twitter feed last night Casey that that actually picked out all of the people that would have served under Hillary Clinton and had they Eric who’s it from Gary Graff and okay and he he went step by step about what would have happened if all of these Hillary Clinton people had been arrested you know convicted or accused etc etc if John Podesta we’re about to serve life in prison you can go down the list instead of instead of Paul Manafort it would have been extraordinarily ugly so yeah people saying that nothing has come out of this even if it ends tomorrow ridiculous but let’s get back to Cohen on the hill this week what are Democrats looking for and what a Republican is concerned about ken did a really good job of kind of outlining what they can and can’t talk to Cohen about so you know I think it’s it’s better to look at this through the broader lens of president Trump’s life before he even landed himself in the White House and all of the questions that swirl around his conduct in that way and then of course how that all connects to how he and the people around him have continued to do business in the White House and all of those associated conflicts of interest I mean this Russia collusion question is obviously the big one for Robert Butler to answer but it’s going to be a little bit off the table in these hearings today however that does not mean that this is not going to be an incredibly dramatic split-screen moment for the president who’s going to be overseas meeting with Kim jong-un while you know somebody who was really inside the inner sanctum I mean there’s conflicting reports about how much president Trump really respected Michael Cohen but there’s no doubt about how much he knew and how much he was in he was involved in and the the kinds of things that he’s going to be able to put forward and he he really has shown that he has turned on the President of the United States I do think it’s going to be incredibly dramatic on the hill this week so Joe you know in the in the past we’ve heard from people like annie mccabe and james comey talking about their interactions with the president people he has been at war with essentially but this is going to be the president’s former bagman and fixer they confident it’s an intimate and he will be speaking to Congress in public about a variety of topics I think that is going to be a huge moment in the politics of this whole affair for months and months this is the first time we’re gonna really see somebody talking about their interactions with the president who is actually quite close to Rick Gates for example was not a confidant of the president he was a confidante of Paul Manafort this is gonna be somebody who was on the inside and just to think about how far we’ve come on this and on this whole other investigation let’s put aside the question of a conspiracy with a Russian email in which the president is colluding with Putin right but think of what we’ve learned so far you know his his family and the president were lying about a business deal in Russia there was hush money paid to a porn star in violation of federal campaign finance laws official felony there is a huge amount we have already learned so far in a sense it speaks to the way the president has successfully framed this entire discussion that we are waiting for some big reveal from Muller to tell us how to feel or what to think I think there’s actually a lot of evidence on the ground already yeah you know no matter what you think of President Donald Trump if there’s any possibility in one’s mind that he hasn’t been involved in any type of dirty dealings or dirty business with paying off women or with women in any way or business dealings that were not exactly according to law wouldn’t it be Joe Michael Cohen who did the dirty work for him oh yeah I mean he did time and time again and so this is going to be a very interesting week on the hill for not only concerning for the president United States but also very concerning for members of the family thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and may sure you subscribe to stay up to date on the day’s biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more 4 Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching

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