Meural shows off a newer, smaller version of its smart art display

When Electric Objects was bought by Giphy, the company soon shutdown the hardware squad and got rid of the subscription costs for existing content. While Meural actually bumped up its annual subscription after get acquired by Netgear, the company is also followed up with release new hardware.

The company only took the wraps off its Meural 3.0 art display.

Its latest offering doesn’t shake things up too much. There’s no Netgear router embedded beneath the presentation. The new freeing is all about a sleeker more modern design for the smart artwork screen, alongside a new smaller 21.5 ” size designed to bring a cheaper enter cost( though pricing has curiously not been finalized yet) and some nice sizing contrast with the 27 ” framework so people can get all crazy with Instagram-friendly gallery layouts.

The frames come in black, white, light timber and dark wood intends. While you were totally stayed with whatever frame you initially purchased in previous gen intends, the new look likewise brings modularity so if you have a change of heart or need to adapt your artwork display to a new look you’ll be able to swap frames easily.

The company’s working to bring more art collections to its subscription product, and will be adding collectings from National Geographic, Norman Rockwell& Saturday Evening Post, and The Little Prince.

Specs plainly only matter so much better on a device like this, which is still very much exclusively designed for showcasing artwork. That tell me anything, it’s rocking 8GB of onboard memory, 2GB of RAM and a quad-core 1.8 Ghz CPU. It being a Netgear company now, the company has updated the WiFi chipset as well with the goal of” mor stable, higher performance .” The display has been updated to be more power efficient as well, applying about 20 percent less energy than previous generations.

Still waiting on a price and release date for the new showings though the previous-gen 27 ” screen started at $595.

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