Meet the 10-year-old drag kid shaping the future of drag youth

On Friday, after failing to secure a deal for Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May offered a tearful abdication speech. But not everyone was equally as moved.

Owen Jones, a left-wing columnist for The Guardian , carried no pity for the Conservative prime minister in a video that has since gone viral. But some tribes took an entirely different route — an interpretative dance roadway, if you are able to — in response to May’s resignation.

Here are dancers Kelsey Ellison and Mahou Shounen interpreting May’s abdication speech through dance.

You might recollect Ellison when she vogued as Hermione in May of 2018.

It’s clear the artist known to be to drum up viral notice, and for good.

By and large-scale, Twitter desired the interpretative Theresa May dance.

I encourage these dancers to start prepping for their next viral procedure, “Robert Mueller witness in front of Congress.”

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