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It was brought to the internet’s notice on Friday that Tom Hiddleston recently starred in a Centrum commercial.

The ad, which was represented for the company’s Chinese sell, is filmed from the perspective of an unknown wife — perhaps a vlogger, judging by the vertical video format — who move down the stairs to find Tom Hiddleston drawing her a breakfast that does not look very good. “I finished early, so I belief I’d pop back in and become you breakfast, ” Tom Hiddleston says.

How did Tom Hiddleston get into her residence?

Then, Tom Hiddleston gazes expectantly at the camera as the protagonist prepares to eat her meal( which includes, of course, Centrum vitamins ). “You look great, ” says Tom Hiddleston. Thank you, Tom Hiddleston.

Eventually, Tom Hiddleston places his suit jacket( naturally) on and prepares to walk out the door. He announces that he is very likely to be busy for the next few weeks, but that he’ll “make it up to you soon.” What the hell?

Apparently fine with this flagrantly rude behaviour, the supporter straightens Tom Hiddleston’s lapel before he makes his exit. Not to be dramatic, but what in god’s name could this possibly intend? Likewise, who is holding the camera?

Despite Western distraction, though, the ad has been wildly successful — and several columnists have already made arguments for why it’s a fit for its intended sell. No, it does not make me want to purchase Centrum vitamins, but that’s primarily because I am still not clear on whether multivitamins are a victimize. Tom Hiddleston, any believes?

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