Mars Enters Gemini & Here’s What It Means For Your Sex Life Betches

Talk that talk, betch. Self-assertive Mars, planet of aggressivenes, vitality, and physical showing, enrolls mischievous Gemini on Sunday, March 31. BTW, just so you are familiar, this transit will definitely change up the vibes( especially in the bedroom ), so make sure you take the dirty talk up a notch. Whichever zodiac sign Mars touches ultimately determines the course we assert ourselves, both physically and sexually. Mars is impulsive, hot-headed, and a slave to its animalistic hungers, so you can already reckon what happens when it strokes an breeze signaling like Gemini, who prospers off mental foreplay. If your guess is having alternatives to choose from, then you’re half privilege, betch. Truth is, Mars in Gemini is extremely restless and fickle, so motley is always policy options. Although, don’t get onto twisted. If you just so happen to be in a serious rapport, don’t employ Mars in Gemini as an excuse to cheat. Instead, use its contagious banter as a source of muse … like persona play-act, maybe? Clangs f* cking corny, I’m sure, but there’s nothing Gemini loves more than a little misbehaviour, so go play.

In the meantime, here’s what Mars in Gemini means for your sexuality life, as per your zodiac sign:



How bad do you want it, betch? With red-hot Mars sizzling through your third house of communication and transportation, you’ll likely be as vocal as ever. Plus, despite your natural impulsiveness and love for quickies, you’ll be carrying your libido around like a GPS … almost like that old school R& B song by 112. Sexting is likewise a must-have during this time.



So … we all know you’re an undercover gold digger and all, but with red-hot Disfigures illuminating up your second residence of values, pleasure, and spending habits, you’ll know exactly what you’re in the feeling for, and you’ll have no problem transmitting it, either. Who knows, some of you might even splurge on a new swanky sex doll. Carpe diem, betch.



With assertive Mars traveling through your clue, you’ll be as dynamic as ever, but your flirting play will be on object. Although, let’s be honest, when is it not? Your bark might be a little big than your burn, but “whos” we kidding? You love foreplay more than the real thing anyway. Ha! Marilyn Monroe would be a Gemini.


Colonization of Mars

In your dreams, betch. I’m being serious though … with Mars moving through your 12 th residence of secrets, reveries, and all things behind-the-scenes, your copulation nightmares will likely be over-the-top. I entail … whoever said a woman can’t orgasm in her sleep undoubtedly never experienced Mars in Gemini. On another note, some of you might even start secretly fastening up with someone.



With hot-headed Mars kindling your 11 th home of groups, tribe, and extended community, you’ll necessity as much freedom as you can get. Although, you won’t be able to repel the temptation of having a friend with advantages, so make sure you have the no-strings-attached convo beforehand. In the meantime, nonetheless, make sure you appease your she-wolf. Your turn-ons will get weirder by the day. Simmer down, betch.



You’re the boss, betch. Despite your mysterious manner and oh-so-posh nature, the whole world knows you enjoy being in control … so why not just own it? With enthusiastic Defaces burning through your 10 th residence of occupation, public persona, and authority, you’ll have all the confidence in the world, so make sure you testify everyone who their real father is.


Exploration of Mars

The planet of sex is activating your adventure zone and your ninth house of roam, so the more sporadic, the better. In happening, for those of you traveling during this time, you are able to run into some eye-candy at the TSA Pre-Check line, so look the side. Don’t worry, you could turn this into a juicy articulation memorandum for your group converse afterwards. Dare to go where no one’s gone before, betch?


Food and drink

Oh, behave, betch! With red-hot Mars kindling your eighth residence of rulership, you will literally be thumping with passion. You will be on the verge of an Austin Strength instant. Although, you could also be imploring notice from someone totally alluring, or perhaps a person whose eye-f* cking play is on quality AF. Bottom line is, you’ll be on the hunt for some instantaneous panty droppers.



The red planet is representing its style through your seventh mansion of associations and one-on-one relations, which means you’ll have no trouble getting what( and who) you want. Although, make sure you don’t overdo it, bearing in mind the fact that Jupiter is in the midst of obliging everything in your life a whole lot bigger. In other messages, you might overindulge and decide to elope, and well , nobody’s got occasion for that, so get it together, betch.


Human Interest

Work it out, betch. Mars is heating up your sixth mansion of health and day-to-day environment, aka you’ll have all the vigour in the nations of the world, and staman to put in the wield. This, of course, means you’ll be craving some physical act, both within and outside the bedroom. It all depends on how you like to blow off steam. Hey, to each their own. In the meantime, however, do “youd prefer” a.m. or p.m .?


Human missions to Mars

There’s a big difference between being mentally energizing vs. being a total intellect f* ck, but with fiery Disfigures moving through your flirtatious fifth residence of one-night stands and teenage fever, you’ll feel as though the cosmic divinities endowed you with permission to hoe out–and well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? Play nice, betch .</ div>


Marilyn Monroe

Your instincts will be on fire, betch. Awarded, I know this is supposed to be about sex, but you’re going to be moody AF during this Mars in Gemini transit. Although, bearing in mind the fact that the red planet will be activating your fourth mansion of intuition and soul foot, you’ll likely get vaporized with a flare of energy every time you’re provoked, whether it be emotionally or sexually. Long story short, this is borderline witchcraft.

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