Mark Zuckerberg hints at dedicated news section on Facebook

Oh meanwhile a potential new addition for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who also potentially could have seen himself running for president before not so much anymore he was floating an idea to pay publishers to put content on a dedicated news section on the social media platform take a listen I think there’s a real opportunity within a a separate news surface to have better monetization for publishers than we have today a news feed because the relationship that we’ll have there is that you know unlike a news feed where you know friends might see a link somewhere and pass it along and in this case Facebook could potentially have a direct relationship with publishers in order to make sure that their content is available in this if it’s if it’s really high quality content so there you go guys a little bit of a talk with the CEO of Axel Springer their publisher what do you make of that because obviously Facebook will be changing its kind of policy there but we’re already seeing Apple potentially trying to work with publishers as well I think that’s a that’s my first point was going to be Apple announcing last weekend doing their big reveal with the working with more publishers I think this is exciting as someone with a journalism degree we have seen our field go through so much over the last decade to see a platform that has the financial backing like Facebook say that we will publicly invest and pay for the content is important and I think it’s a great opportunity for them to leverage those eyeballs to have a curated experience yeah but Brian it’d be a big 180 from them saying before we want to have less news in your newsfeed because people don’t want it and I think this comes down to kind of the debate if I mean I think there’s two threats to push from here I mean the point that you just made tria which is that I mean this is a great thing if you’re in the journalism industry I mean the monetization model is something that the industry has been grappling with for you know the beginning of basically the TV era but I think that the other side of the coin is the question about whether or not we should have news on social media to begin with we talked so much about the polarization of politics in the modern day and you can make the argument that it only gets exacerbated through social media because you can follow who you want to follow you can not follow who you don’t want to follow it’s the same case on Facebook you can just you know make sure that you’re only friends with the people that have the same political views as you so you kind of silo yourself and the content that I imagine you would get pushed on those social sited be more aligned to that and it kind of gets tricky too though if they’re only allowing I guess proven publishers to put news in this section as well but it would help them on another problem that they’ve been facing in terms of not just Facebook but all of the entities that they own they also own whatsapp and it’s taking a step to stop the spread of misinformation and fake news in India by launching a tip line enabling users to point out quote suspect information for removal that according to The Wall Street Journal of course India has a big election coming up and and that clearly is something that they’re trying to make sure that fake news will not I guess sway those kinds of elections in India as we saw them sway other elections around the world but I guess it’s just another problem no matter how Facebook tries to deal with this this is going to be an issue whether it’s protecting elections whether it’s trying to figure out what news is real or in India a tip line to make sure people can report news that look suspect well I mean you used to be fairly black and white right I mean when it comes to an election for example it’s the government that tries to make sure it’s a fair process but now with these social media apps and this kind of prevalence of this new technology that we’ve never seen before you have the questions about you know you have a company in California that can have a humongously you know influential impact on the largest democracy in the world in India and I think that that raises questions not just for the United States government but for governments like India and those around the hill I mean it’s been you know when you throw that back to what this actually started as it was a guy in his dorm just some guy in California around is this person hot is this person that uses on books on the internet and now there’s way you look at it now and a guy in California it’s our innate desire as human beings to connect and so he made it easier and so now because of the intimacy and it’s in your phone and it’s coming from a friend there is that higher propensity to believe this wrong information so there is a higher responsibility and because of the past we know what can happen and so I think it’s very important they be proactive yeah and we’ll see if this tipline at least might help things in India but for now we’ve got

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