Man Who Leaped On Pelican In Facebook Stunt Now Facing Charges

A Maryland man who hooted it up in a Facebook video after leaping on and clutching a pelican in the Florida Keys is now facing costs, the neighbourhood sheriff’s office reported Monday.

He is being charged against animal cruelty and molestation of a protected speciesby the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission , Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay was indicated in the following statement.

The man, identified by The Baltimore Sun as 31 -year-old Hunter Hardesty,can be seen on the video applying a fish to seduce a pelican in the liquid close to a dock at a Key West marina. He then jumps instantly on top of the bird and grabs it as the pelican tries to escape. Laughter, apparently from his friends, can be heard as a woman threatens to call the police. After biting at Hardesty, the pelican manages to flee, apparently unharmed.

After Hardesty posted a video of his wildlife encounteron his Facebook page Thursday, these votes in quickly led viral, but not in a good way. People answering were frenzied. Hardesty goofed in his own explain with the video: “Next occasion ima dine him for dinner. I wonder what they taste like.” On Sunday he added: “I’m so thirsty I could ingest a pelican! ”

Ramsay said he “shared the exasperation of those who contacted me regarding this video. This type of behavior — the abuse of animals — will not be tolerated on my watch.”

Ramsay thanked the public for the tips-off he received about the incident, adding that an investigation is continuing into other videos and photos on social media with apparently the “same suspect” grabbing swine. One shows a mortal clutching a Key deer, which is also a federally protected species, the sheriff said. Ramsay said additional charges could be filed.

Hardesty did not respond to a request for comment.

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