Kylie Minogue Launches Her Own Beauty Line After Spiking Kylie Jenner’s Trademark! – Perez Hilton

So, remember that major legal duel between Kylie Minogue and Kylie Jenner ?

Well, spoiler alerting … the win is Kylie! LOLz!

For real though, let’s rewind a sec…

When Kylie Jenner was just getting into the makeup business, she decided she’d logo the identify “Kylie” for her brand.

This was route back in April 2014, long before Kylie Cosmetics blew up into the beauty behemoth it is now, before she became

Well, the other Kylie had a bone to pick with that, the first Kylie, the OG.( Well, we predict she’d be the OK . Though that does constitute her clang markedly less splendid .)

In 2017 we learned Kylie Minogue petitioned the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, telling them the then-1 9-year-old getting to trademark the figure she had been seeing famed for 30 years was, in legal terms, total BS.

In making her lawsuit, she pointed out there was only one” internationally-renowned performing artist, humanitarian and breast cancer activist known to the world simply as Kylie .” Even her first book was called only Kylie .


Not to mention the fact she’d already been selling products under the brand “Kylie” for years, including clothes, fragrances, and even furniture.

Her legal reps ran still further as to call Jenner” a secondary reality television identity” — though Minogue later told me that she thought that language was too combative.

Yeah. That’s what made it so spicy!

In any case, it drove. Kylie’s attempt to trademark “Kylie” was rejected.

Minogue later told The Project about the win 😛 TAGEND

” I didn’t want there to be any trouble about it, but we did have to handle it so everything was take good care very nicely I have to say .”

Jenner still got to build her Kylie Cosmetics brand, plainly. It didn’t seem to hurt her too much.

But Minogue wasn’t fighting back just for the principle.

No, after two years she’s finally disclosed why she was ready to go to the mat for her name — she’s launched her own allure path!

On the Merch section of her website — which, yes, is — you are able to experience what we’re guessing is only the beginning of a brand-new attractivenes brand.

Kylie is now selling lip gloss, eyeshadow, cheek glisten — all called after her sungs!

( c)

There’s Wow , Golden , Raining Glitter — and we have to figure only a matter of time before an eyeshadow called Into The Blue .

Ooh, she should do a no-rub lipstick called Got To Be Certain ! Ha! This is fun!

Will the first Kylie be able to topple the empire the new Kylie has built? And how with the KarJenners react ??


Something tells us this beauty business beef is just getting warmed up!

[ Image via Michael Wright/ WENN/ Kylie Jenner/ Instagram .]

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