Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Reportedly Dating Betches

The devil pieces hard-handed, but at the least the devil isn’t trying to kill me, while Kris Jenner is most certainly personally working to put me into an early grave.( For those of you who may need further clarification; the devil is not actively trying to bring about my fatality; he will simply be waiting patiently for me in blaze when I inevitably arrive .) But Kris Jenner? No, this woman is merely trying to transmit my hypertension to life-threatening tiers at this object. First, we learned that Jordyn Woods was allegedly hooked up with Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy, Tristan Thompson. THEN she it was announced that Travis Scott had reportedly cheated on Kylie Jenner. And now, stores are reporting that Kourtney Kardashian is dating a brand-new male, and it’s the most random person you could ever think of. Go ahead, I’ll give you one guess–I am that self-confident you , nor anyone else, could have seen this coming. Generate up? I’ll tell you. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are reportedly dating. Yes, Travis Barker of Blink-1 82 and pulling out of Fyre Festival fame.

RadarOnline ( oh boy) alone learned that Kardashian and Barker, who are apparently longtime acquaintances (???), may be on the verge of taking things to the next tier. “Every since Kourt has been single, they’ve gotten closer and closer- to the phase where he sneakily abides at her region now, ” a source revealed to Radar. The source lent,” Their friendship is emphatically turning romantic, which has taken her by surprise .”

I mean, search. I cherish a good Kardashian rumor just as much as the next millennial, but as far as reliability goes, RadarOnline loads right up with the derangeds middle-aged female who paces your block screaming about the Aim of Days.

I have many questions, the main one being that since when are Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker lifelong pals? How did they meet? What could they maybe have in common ?? I fully expect any of you who have ever watched Hindering Up With The Kardashians to institution me in the comments, and I eagerly await you telling me report I probably could have googled, but was too lazy to do so. That told me about it, Travis Barker still feels exceedingly random of a boyfriend. Then again, haven’t all of Kourtney Kardashian’s lovers seemed random when you think about it? Let’s take a look back to Kourtney Kardashian’s most random boyfriends.

Luka Sabbat

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The now 21 -year-old actor was linked to Kourtney in September of 2018, when the two were spotted having dinner together. Sabbat has since denied he is dating Kourtney, and a source told People that their relationship was ” nothing serious “. Whatever, still counts! Apparently, they met because Sabbat is friends with Kendall Jenner. I’ll take “yikes” for $200, Alex. I’m sorry, but any behavior you slice it, fixing up with a guy who you met through your younger sister is at least a little weird.

Taryll Jackson

According to Ranker, Kourtney Kardashian dated a guy identified Taryll Jackson from 1999 -2 004. I could hate, but that’s easily mode longer than any of my rapports, except for my long-standing booty see. But we’re not here to talk about me. Taryll Jackson is the son of Tito Jackson, one in member states of the Jackson 5. Taryll Jackson is supposedly a singer-songwriter, but I have never once heard anything he has been a part of. This is only random in the help feeling that I literally had no idea this ever occurred.

Younes Bendjima

Okay, I’m sorry, but Younes is random. This young model exactly kind of appeared out of nowhere–apparently they met at a bar during Paris Fashion Week in 2016 — and then they dated for a pretty long time, considering Younes is, as I mentioned before, a young model.

Anyway, time “re going to tell” if Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are truly dating or not( my money is on not ), but whatever happens, I hope the Kardashians can f* cking coldnes for just one week so I can delight have some serenity. Kris, I beg of you!

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