Kim Kardashian Shares The SWEETEST Pic Of Son Psalm West! – Perez Hilton

He’s precious, Kim Kardashian West !

On Wednesday on Instagram , the KUWTK sun shared an adorable pic of her two-month-old son, Psalm West , wearing a cute gray-haired outfit.

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The 38 -year-old captioned the crack 😛 TAGEND

” I meannnnn my babe Psalm is so sweet !!!”

After the photo was posted, aunt Kendall Jenner commented 😛 TAGEND

” what it do babbbyyyyyy”

Not to be outdone, Kimmy’s older sister, Kourtney Kardashian , lent 😛 TAGEND

” Little tiny goose bunny”

As we reported in May, after her fourth offspring was born via surrogate, Kardashian West exposed his call, and shared his first photo — of him in a crib.

However, after analyzing the pic, some social media consumers conceived the mother was putting the little one at risk of sudden infant death syndrome( SIDS) because of his “very dangerous” sleeping conditions.

Psalm West’s big expose!/( c) Kim Kardashian West/ Twitter

One Twitter consumer — who claimed to be an ER doctor — worried about the amount of “padding, bumpers, and blankets” surrounding the newborn, writing 😛 TAGEND

“Please please please make pay an overpriced’ sleep consultant’ to get all that unnecessary padding, bumpers, and blankets out of your child’s crib so they are not at risk for SIDS. I’ve tried and failed to resuscitate too many children that have died this channel. Signed, An ER doctor”

Dr. Jen Trachtenberg , a reported pediatrician, lent 😛 TAGEND

“Congrats on your cute child. As a pediatrician I merely want parents to know the best lane to reduce the risk of SIDS is to sleep on back, use conglomerate bed mattress — no included blankets, pillows, bumpers, soft bedclothe, sleep positioners, plush toys. As a huge social media influencer, @KimKardashian so many people follow you and it can be confusing when considering these cute child images and then may think it’s safe to do for their own baby”

Others pencilled 😛 TAGEND

“There are too many blankets, clothing and bumpers in that bed! Very dangerous for baby”

“Please follow safe sleep habits. It can reduce the risk of SIDS. Everything about this picture crusades me anxiety”

“Newborns should not be sleeping with a cushion like that and those blankets … delight informed about SIDS, “youre gonna” affluent enough. I don’t even have or want children and I hear about this topic a lot from friends”

According to a People report wrote in May, a source said the KKW Beauty mogul was ” aware” of the criticism she received, interpreting 😛 TAGEND

“Kim is aware that she got negative comments about the photo of Psalm.”

However, the insider memorandum the pic in question was very much “staged, ” divulging 😛 TAGEND

“It was a split-second, staged photo … As a mom of four, she very much knows how to keep her newborn safe in the bed. Again, it was staged for a photo.”

[ Image via Kim Kardashian/ Instagram .]

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