Kim Kardashian Is In Trouble For Cultural Appropriation Again Betches

Oh boy, Kim Kardashian has done it again. I blaspheme, the quantity of hours members of this family have gotten in trouble for cultural appropriation, at this quality it seems like they’re just being willfully ignorant. Kim K contained in the cultural appropriation hot seat this week, all because of her brand new line of shapewear she merely announced.

In the pantheon of Kardashian businesses, it’s hard to imagine a better fit than Kim seeing shapewear. Her body is legendary, and she’s worn her carnival share of wears that plainly necessitated some intense smoothing. She’s has spoken about cutting up Spanx before to conceal them under skimpy getups. And her new strand of shapewear c0mes in a wide range of complexions and sizes, to be more accessible to more people! All of this sounds great, so what’s the problem here?

It’s f* cking called Kimono.

Honestly, I was taken aback when I first interpreted Kim’s announcement post. Despite all of the drama that this family has put us through for the last decades, this is just like an especially wild move. Patently I get the play on terms with Kim’s figure, but did no one ever stop to think that this might not be an amazing idea? And is not merely did Kim think it was okay, but celeb after celeb was mentioning kudo!


Even Chrissy Teigen, informant of desire and laughs and all that is good on the internet, didn’t seem to see any problem with Kimono.

Ugh ugh ugh. Even though the famous people of Instagram and Twitter didn’t seem to get the issue, it didn’t take long for the reaction to start on social media. The commentaries on Kim’s post are flooded with disapproval, and many people of Japanese heritage took to Twitter to dishonor Kim for her blatant dismis for an important aspect of Japanese culture.

Even though this is messy, there are lots of beautiful photos on Twitter of Japanese ladies wearing actual kimonos at bridals and other major events. It’s bad enough when women wear those dumb flowy shawl things and call them kimonos, because they’re literally not.( Dear everyone reading this, stop calling that a kimono .) But this is a whole other level of taking something and distorting it for your benefit.

Not only is Kim Kardashian using a word from Japanese culture for something that has nothing to do with Japanese culture, but she literally took owned of it. People got especially mad after finding out that Kim trademarked “Kimono” and a variety of other related periods encircling her shapewear wire. It’s remarkable that somebody actually let a lily-white female logo a traditional Japanese style of clothing, but I’m hardly even surprised anymore.

Kim Kardashian hasn’t vexed to respond to any of the disapprovals hitherto, and I kind of doubt she will. Yeah, she’s getting a fair sum of backlash on her social media, but there are probably thousands more people who will buy her shapewear without a second thought. I don’t hate the Kardashians in general, but it’s so frustrating that they keep doing this sh* t that could so easily be avoided. Sometimes we might overreact to the things these people do, but to me, it’s pretty bad that Kim is going to instantly earning off of something she took from another culture.

So I guess, like, buy some other shapewear and cut it if you need to? Or tweet at Kim a cluster and hope she changes the epithet? Idk what the proper solution is here, but Kimono is definitely a yikes.

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