Killing INF: Who’s REALLY to blame for new global arms race?

the world may have become a little bit scarier after the US withdrawal from a historic international ballistic missile treaty an agreement that contributed to the end of the Cold War and Western media has been quick to put the blame on Russia our tea ceremony today oh good now joins me with the latest Sarah are we looking at an increase of global and nuclear tensions well Scotty many analysts are saying that we could be looking at a new global arms race a New York Times opinion piece headlined if the INF treaty dies blame Russia claims that Russia cheated and was testing missiles banned by the agreement now ironically that headline was changed to a more peaceful one saying how Russia undermined over 30 years of nuclear arms control that treaty took 7 years to negotiate and helped in establishing some global stability now they are specifically talking about the Russian missile 9 M 729 but Russia says it’s in full compliance with that INF treaty the United States has introduced some concerns regarding Russian missile 9 m 7 to 9 I would like to say that a Ministry of Defense has decided to present unprecedented measures of transparency we invited military attache to Ministry of Defense we offered them to look at our missile we provided a lot of technical explanations what missile is the United States declined that invitation meanwhile Trump said we will move forward with developing our own military response options and will look with NATO and our other allies and partners to deny Russia any military advantage from its unlawful conduct Russia’s Defense Ministry says the US has expanded its key missile Factory and Tucson Arizona and increased their military spending just this year our reports say that it seems like both countries are aiming to create new land-based missiles within the next few years but just last year Russia revealed some of its newer missiles now this includes hypersonic weapons but all have been in compliance with INF treaty perhaps some global powers are forgetting that the purpose of the 1987 deal was to provide security for Europe INF treaty is dealing with the security of European countries and the Russian Federation INF is not dealing with the security of the United States and it’s a great question why United why United States has decided to withdraw from this treaty it’s very easy to blame somebody who is violating for example this treaty we consider that the United States made a lot of mistakes and United States I continue to violate INF as it is now some close US allies in the European Union are voicing their concerns the EU’s foreign policy chief federica mogherini said what we definitely don’t want to see is our continent going back to being a battlefield or a place where other superpowers confront themselves but some US senators are pushing for the u.s. to stay in the treaty there was a bill put forward into the US Congress recently by 10 senators calling on the u.s. to stick by the treaty which is great but again they make the assumption that Russia is violating the treaty they make no mention of the allegations against the u.s. itself and what I consider to be important is that they don’t call on the Congress to investigate these allegations Scottie these types of treaties really helped make the world a safer place especially at a time when nuclear war seemed like a day-to-day risk wherever a world conflict came up but it really remains to be seen if Washington and Moscow are still willing to come together and settle their differences before nuclear tensions return to Cold War levels Sara one of the speculation is the fact that they know that they needed to upgrade it the INF and this was one way that they could do it that they could have six months to negotiate it is their optimism on both sides that they’re going to be able to come back together in the end and figure out a treaty that will benefit all well Russia is looking to possibly try and have some dialogue with the United States Trump wants to include China in this new treaty so there’s hope that maybe if they continue dialogue they can go back and forth and have a meeting and really talk about what they want to renew with this treaty there would be a lot on that agenda I’m sure thanks for joining us there hey YouTube thanks for checking out our channel we hope you enjoyed the video we have tons of content for you just like this for more of RT America’s one-of-a-kind news and analysis be sure to subscribe and never stop questioning more

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