Its not just you: Avengers: Endgame crashes websites, apps around the world


After months of anticipation, tickets for Avengers: Endgame, the final installment in the Avengers franchise, went on sale early Tuesday morning. And no movie theater appeared prepared for the army of fans invading ticket websites and apps. Getting tickets to the final Avengers film proved more difficult than snagging tickets to a concert for a huge pop star. Or theriot grrrl band .

Multiple Daily Dot staffers tried to obtain tickets for shows in different cities, including Austin, Texas, and New York City, with difficulty. The website and app for Alamo Drafthouse, which offers assigned seating, themed menus, and pre-shows, crashed early in the morning. When trying to select an available showtime, users received an error message or a spinning wheel. At other sites, like Fandango, fans experienced long wait times.

(The Alamo site crashed but you can purchase Alamo tickets at Fandango.)





Sites in the U.K. were also affected.


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