Irony Lost on OAN as Network Airs Segment Making Point for Open Borders

Because we watch Trumpland TV so you don &# x27; t have to, today we learned someone was asleep at the wheel at One America News as the right-wing network aired a Brexit segment that outlined the financial horrors that can result from a person closing its borders.

It could be that there’s a insurgent liberal farmer at the network, which utilizes Pizzagate and Seth Rich conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec. Either style, it’s the best journalism we’ve seen on OAN in awhile, perhaps the only good journalism we’ve ever seen on the network.

Here’s how OAN reporter Matthew Larotonda educated the spectators 😛 TAGEND

Chris Chinn has a problem. A big problem. His family’s been farming for almost 100 times, and his seasonal workers are disappearing. No proletarians means no reap , no money, and eventually no farm, because of Brexit. Like numerous British farmers, Chinn relies on farmhands from elsewhere in the European Union; in his occurrence, Romania and Bulgaria. It’s made possible through the EU’s freedom of movement laws.

There’s so much fear and distraction over Brexit for these laborers, particularly over whether they’ll even be welcomed in the U.K ., that they’re just going elsewhere instead, like Germany or the Netherlands.

20% symbolizes Chinn’s operating at a loss. At 50% he panics he might go bankrupt. And the concept of hiring British people to pick his asparagus is a complete fiction. It’s a task no Briton wants, he says. […] If farmers can’t harvest, then either the food isn’t going to grocery store, or it is essential imported. Either mode, it signifies rates are going up.

OAN soon followed the segment with their hourly roundup of” the costs of illegal migration ,” a spuriously sourced National Debt Clock-like anxiety calculator that came without any remark of the irony.

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