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let’s bring in NBC news Capitol correspondent and host of KCG C on MSNBC Casey hunt Casey so we begin another week with the government shutdown where do we stand what are you looking for today the longest shutdown in history and it really has no end in sight Joe I thought you know one interesting thing over the weekend was Lindsey Graham suddenly arguing hey why don’t we reopen parts of the government while we continue this negotiation over border security which you know puts him in a camp with a lot of Democrats I think it’s a reflection of some of the growing frustrations behind the scenes of a lot of Senate Republicans that this is dragging onward because you know it’s affecting millions of Americans obviously those 800,000 people lots of pop up food banks here in the DC area just really heartbreaking video but also you know food inspections people can’t get mortgages you know those are things that members of Congress they were all home this weekend they were not working here you know they’re hearing from their constituents about it but you know the reality remains the same which is that you know barring some sort of catastrophic event either shutdown related or I would also argue possibly Mullah related there’s no way Republicans are gonna repudiate the president with a veto-proof majority so it really just comes down to what the president is willing to sign and right now it doesn’t look like he’s ready to budge well in the conv story of course the president puts out so so many false narratives in his Twitter feed but one thing that was out this past weekend that we ought to correct today is the president saying that Democrats didn’t think daca was important enough to include in negotiations it’s worth noting Democrats did include daca in negotiations the last time and it was vetoed by Stephen Miller is there any talk of the possibility of a grand immigration deal or is that something Donald Trump doesn’t want well Joe there’s always talk the problem here is precisely the thing we were talking about earlier is his weakness politically this entire hold up is because he is too weak politically to actually advance his policy the wall the conventional way his only hope of getting it done is to hold something hostage and jam it into this funding bill and that’s why he’s sticking with it he understands I think this is a new Washington where he can’t get this done in any other way and by the same token that’s the exact reason why a Chuck and Nancy as he calls them are holding so firm if they let him do it now he will keep you know throwing unpopular policies into these negotiations to jam them in because it is the only way he can progress in this new Washington Joe Joe can I jump in is dr. going just quickly I asked the vice president directly about this he came up and did a roundtable with Capitol Hill reporters at the end of last week and he said specifically that the president is waiting for the courts on daca so the president’s tweets about Democrats taking it off the table is entirely incorrect then it’s in fact the Republicans and Donald Trump who’s taking it off the table David Ignatius I just wonder how long can this president hold on how long will his numbers even stay at 24% supporting him here when more and more TSA lines get shut down and Americans learn that Congress could just pass a funding bill that would take care of those TSA workers and Congress could just pass a funding bill that could take care of FDA food inspections that Congress could actually pass bills that had nothing to do with this wall and those parts of government could continue forward you know Joe I’m like you I keep waiting for the for the crack in Republicans support when people see the real cost of this I mean you know you begin to worry about flying if air-traffic controllers aren’t getting paid or TSA personnel are art being paid it gets to be a dangerous world so when is that when’s that crack on it gonna come it hasn’t yet the president’s playing this all-or-nothing strategy he’s got to have a total win or he feels these Keys coming out of this with with nothing he said over the weekend elections have consequences going back to November 2016 it’s true elections do have consequences and we just had one in November 2018 and the Democrats control the Congress and you know what that’s the thing that Trump doesn’t seem to understand is he has to negotiate now he doesn’t run all the government anymore if he’s going to come out of this he’s got a got to do a deal and David for a man who wrote a book called the art of the deal and use that as his branding device Mike for decades he has backed himself into a corner everybody in the administration knows he’s backed himself into a corner there is no deal to be had his numbers are plummeting Democrats don’t feel the need to give an inch on this wall so where does it end up for Donald Trump and the Republican Party well manie’s insisting on the hundred percent deal that he gets he gets every dollar the five point six billion that he was demanding and he’s not gonna get that and his threat is I am so reckless and irresponsible I am gonna take the government down just watch me and at some point reasonable people say mr. president can’t do that and then they intervene and then I assume he’ll come away would say I got a win because I stuck tough but you know it’s it’s it’s the it’s this all-or-nothing attitude that he has brought to deal-making that’s so frightening in Casey hunt this week also William Barr is going to go to Capitol Hill the president’s nominee to be the next Attorney General he’s going to be facing obviously many tough questions what’s at the top of the list well I think you’re gonna see Democrats several of whom on this committee are likely 2020 candidates who I think are going to be trying to make a mark here there to focus most likely on a private memo that William bar wrote in June of 2017 about the Muller investigation arguing that it was fatally misconceived I believe was the phrase that he used that has generated a lot of concern even the new chairman of the Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham has said he wants something of an explanation on it senator Feinstein the ranking member has already asked him about this behind closed doors she said that she wants to get him on the record on that I you know I was almost expecting this hearing to be slightly sleepy but then the news over the weekend from the New York Times in the Washington Post that sort of one-two punch of stories I think it’s really gonna elevate this and make it potentially a pretty contentious now on the flip side you know William bar is supposed to replace Matt Whittaker the acting Attorney General who Democrats think has way more problems than William bar so perhaps that’s an argument in favor of moving this along at the end of the day though Republicans don’t show signs of cracks here so we do expect him in the long run to be confirmed all right and coming up by the way the president is tweeting this morning that Nancy crying Chuck and Democrats are to blame for the shutdown I don’t think people are buying this well actually Mika not this morning but less than one in four Americans support the president and his shutting down of the government it’s 24 percent it’s not Nancy that’s crying it’s a lot of Republicans on Capitol Hill who are saying their numbers go even lower Plus after the firing of James Comey the FBI was so alarmed that it began investigating whether President Trump was working for Russia the New York Times Michael Schmidt joins us with that new report we’ll also talk to the Washington Post Greg Miller who wrote the other bombshell piece from the weekend about Trump’s efforts to conceal his conversations with Vladimir Putin morning gel we’ll be right back with another packed hour stay with us thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day’s biggest stories and 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