Im Starting An Animal Rescue To Give Abandoned Animals A Second Chance At Life

After many years of rescuing, fostering, and vetting animals that are unwanted, vacated, on fatality sequence or in need of a second chance, we are finally working on becoming a licensed animal recovery. We facilitate animals no matter the species, age, colouring or gender. We feel all animals deserve a second chance and a forever home.

Our neighbourhood animal kill shelter contributes new animals to the euthanasia list each day. There are many older pups, puppies, and kittens. Our local shelter likewise kills all kittens under two pounds which means all litters, bottle newborns, and neonates. Any animal with a signaling of illness such as a cold, worms, cough, etc. are also euthanized even if they’re easy to treat.

After seeing so much pain, inattention, and torture, we decided to quit saying we were going to start a rescue one day and decided to take action and step towards the rescue every day. We already became incorporated and are a 501( C )( 3) Non-profit. Now, we need property and our shelter license.

We hope our narration gets shared and met various regions of the world. We hope it gets people to stand up for animals that can’t stand up for themselves. We hope it helps us conjure monies so we can continue to save lives.

We hope to raise enough funds to be able to become established and assist more animals. Our goal is to give animals Another Day, Another Chance, A New Life.

This is a litter of kittens whose mama was abandoned formerly her proprietors found out she was pregnant.

This is Freya. She was left at a vet’s office when her owner no longer craved her.

This is Chloe, abandoned and used for breeding. She got a second chance and is affection her forever home.

These two kittens were found in a taped-up box on the side of the road. Both with worms and fleas. Alice and Tetch are now living life to the fullest and will never have to worry about being dumped again.

This is Skips. He was find malnourished, with separated teeth, fleas, ear tinges and deep meanders from catfights. He was wholly vetted and is now doing behavior training.

This is Willow. Willow was found outside under a house. Because it was very hot outside and her mother had not returned to get her, she was given to us. As of 7/ 17/19, she is being bottle-fed, When she is old enough, she will be vetted and borrowed out.

This is Cricket. Cricket was surrendered to us after she got pregnant with her second litter. Half of her first litter passed away and her owner decided it was in her best interest if she was surrendered.

This is Kai. Kai was surrendered to us on November 12 th, 2017. He was first being sold as a healthy, happy ferret needing a brand-new dwelling. After I contacted the current owneds asking them to tell brand-new owneds that he needed to go to the vet immediately, they wanted to give him to me so he can get vetted and get the care he needed. I returned him to the vet where he was diagnosed with adrenal and insulinoma cancer, both cancers aren’t curable but can be lived with comfortably and pain-free when on treatment. Kai lived pain-free with other ferrets until July 29 th, 2018 when he passed away. An amazing woman that supported Kai and donated towards care along his journey also paid for his cremation.

This is Atlas Reed. Atlas was noted when he was just a little kitten. He was vetted and is found in a forever home.

This is Honey Badger. Honey Badger was found under a shed in a heavy storm. Along with his two siblings, they were bottle-fed and all acquired forever residences. Honey Badger was actually adopted under one of my family members.


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