Im a Black Woman, and I See Myself in Kamala Harris

There is now no longer a question about whether Senator Kamala Harris can step up, deliver on policy posts, and dismantle her opponent on a presidential debate stage:” Vice President Biden, I do not believe you are a racist, but …”

You could have heard a pin decline as the room and the world watched the youthful, black, female former prosecutor from California dismantle Joe Biden in a respectful, yet adroit course about busing, segregated schools, and his chummy working relationship with avowed racist southerners in the 1970 s. Harris’ social media squad was ready with an instantaneously iconic photo of a little girl–her–in pigtails.

The question that Democratic primary voters must address combinings the two they addressed in 2008 and 2016: Is America ready to elect its first female chairman, and one who is a woman of colour?

I think and I hope that the answer is yes, and I check myself–a pitch-black woman in her early fifites and an attorney by profession who has worked on Capitol Hill and never married or had children–in Harris.

I am one of millions of similarly situated professional blacknes women who see our hopes and aspirations fulfilled in Kamala. She did not marry until she was 50. She has no biological children of her own( her grown-up stepchildren call her” Momala “).

She has dedicated their own lives to public service and building a job that has propelled her within reach of the highest office in the property, certainly the most powerful post in the world: President of the United Commonwealth of America. And tell us is clearly, last nighttime Kamala Harris’s critique of Biden was speaking to black female voters, who are the cornerstone of the Democratic Party’s success at the ballot box. I know that there are those who say that critique was ” furiou ,” “mean,” or “aggressive,” as Stu Rothenberg tweeted out last darknes, or that she “attacked” Biden. She did not.

That is a ” perception ” issue that all strong blacknes ladies face , no matter what we say, or how we say it. Today, I believe that Soror Kamala Harris( a word of affection which represents “sister” in our Sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, which does not formally endorse campaigners) can win the presidency. I am a moderate Republican girl( the exact voter she needs to win over to win the presidency) who lives in Virginia, and I would vote for her even though I do not agree with all of her policies, like on immigration and many other issues. However, I do recollect she will act like young adults. She will not embarrass this nation abroad. She will listen to her generals and plan consultants. She will have a cabinet that is diverse and looks like America. She will hoist us up in times of national misfortune. And that she will honor the promise of her man to protect and defend the Constitution of the United Commonwealth of America from all opponents external and domestic.

It seems to me that lily-white Americans, and in particular white ladies voters( recollect 53 percent of them voted for Donald J. Trump in 2016) have to decide what matters most in the general election.

Harris is the only black woman in the United State Senate. She is one of only three black Senators with colleagues Tim Scott( R-SC) and Cory Booker( D-NJ ). She is often the only person like her in the room.

It is the story of “peoples lives” too, and those millions of successful women of color. She knows how to lead. She known to be to pivot. She knows how to speak the language of America, of our possibles, and of our past fails in a way that connects us as a people. She knows what it is like to be invisible in daylight, like in last-place night’s debate when she had to say,” I would like to speak on the issue of race .”

President Donald Trump no doubt will throw Harris, should she be the nominee, as another ” nasty lady .” And a socialist. He will attack her relationship with her former mentor, former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown. He and the Republican oppo team will excavate as far back as they are able, for as much dirt as they can. Democrat, more cautiously, will do some of the same as she continues to rise.

Her job will be the one that everything professional women of color must balance: She must show herself to be a brave, skilled girl from a new generation, one who unlike Hillary Clinton is willing to punch back when attacked by Trump. She are gonna have to not scare off white people, while at the same time constituting black people feel they can trust her. She are gonna have to carry the burden of her race and gender with grace in a way that inspires the nation to see her biography as powerful preparation for healing what ails us right now.

Hillary’s generation of the status of women paved the lane. My generation of women now want that ” light” that Rep. Eric Swalwell necessitated Biden pass to him. Kamala Harris grabbed the torch last-place night, and she is lighting the course.

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