If you wanna see a WHOLE lotta stupid look no further than Vanity Fair’s smear piece on white Conservative college women

Leave it to Vanity Fair to write a ludicrous, vile, ignorant, smear part about Conservative college girls. We read a LOT of stupid articles( we embrace CNN for Pete’s Sake ), but boy, this dumpster fire of an article is not only really stupid but infuriating. They purposely painted these young women with a broad-spectrum, unflattering, brush to move a stereotype and caricature of who Conservative women are and then fed it to their mindless, vapid base so they could continue shrieking about evil white women. So absolutely foul.

Shame on Vanity Fair.


Read more: https :// twitchy.com/ samj-3 930/2018/ 12/31/ if-you-wanna-see-a-whole-lotta-stupid-look-no-further-than-vanity-fairs-smear-piece-on-white-conservative-college-women /

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