I Woke Up After A Night Of Freezing Rain To Find The Whole City Of Bucharest, Romania, Frozen And Damaged

After a night of freezing rain, I woke up on a crazy and frosty Saturday with the whole city frozen and damaged.

This is a very unusual weather event here so it was really a challenge to walk on the streets without ice skates and hoping that no branch will fall on you.

Many cars were unlucky as they were damaged by branches or even the whole trees that fell on them.

The roads were also full of trees, branches, and ice, and some of the power cables broke under heavy ice which left many trams unable to function.

At night the view was kind of apocalyptic but also interesting; like an icy, end of the world movie. So I took a walk through my neighborhood looking for some nice shots.

Branches on the road

Branches on the sidewalk

Frozen motorcycle

Even more branches

Damaged car






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