I Can Admit I Needed Some Help With This Surreal Parking Garage Puddle

Reddit user georgefourmens recently shared this baffling image of a surreal parking garage puddle. Check it out!

Okay, so I can admit I gazed WAY too long at this photo. Even knowing I should be seeing some sort of puddle/ reflection I simply couldn’t and arghhhh it’s the stupid magic eye all over again !

I envision because the reflection is so flawless and the facts of the case that there are virtually no ripples or aberrations in the water( photoshop ?) was totally contributing to my confusion.

Thankfully I wasn’t alone and some other helpful reddit consumers added some digital’ assistance’ to help us poor souls that needed a little encouragement .

Check out the images below for the aha minute. Now you are able to proudly shamefully share this photo and point out the obvious puddle to some other sucker pal 🙂

[ via georgefourmens on reddit]

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