Human trafficking is a global crisis. Dignity Health is innovating how it’s fought.

advocate for those working that need assist

Human trafficking is one of the most devastating human rights emergencies the world faces today.


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According to the Labour organizations, more than 40 million people are victims of human trafficking around the world. And more than three one-quarters of these victims are women and children who are forced into labor in many different industries — including sex job.

Tragically, this crisis may have been getting worse. Human trafficking is a lucrative business, bringing in more than $150 billion in earnings annually. While organisations worldwide are working to end this pandemic, they’ll merely be successful with the help of people who know what human trafficking is and what to do if they suspect someone’s fallen victim to it.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t know how to spot the signs of human trafficking. And yes, they cover doctors.

Though victims of human trafficking often involve medical attention and seek assistance at their local hospital, health professionals aren’t always is conscious that their patients may be dealing with trauma beyond their physical hurts.

As a ensue, many victims are discharged without being offered the support and services they so desperately need.

Dignity Health is at the forefront of changing this narrative. The medical services company is employing survivors of human trafficking to advocate for those working that need assist.

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