How to keep AI from turning into the Terminator

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( CNN) Artificial intelligence( AI) have all along filled an outsized role in our collective imagination, in everything from pulp science fiction novels to James Cameron blockbusters. When AI is the antagonist, it is corporeal and impossible to overlook, like the Terminator. Even in the real world, discussions about rogue technology tend to focus on the overt and dramatic, such as Elon Musk’s exhortations on Twitter that the dangers of AI competitive the dangers of nuclear weapons.


The AI of today is invisible to most of us, yet ubiquitous. One instance we interact with often is recommendation engines on the internet — the code recommending that next video on YouTube or a post on Facebook. These algorithms pull together vast amounts of our personal data to learn about us and curate its own experience online. In this case, AI is simply your personal data mixed with the data of people with similar concerns — and then pointed back at you.

The result can be serendipitous and delightful. It can also be dangerous. Last time, Silicon Valley moguls opened up to New York Magazine about how today’s social media is designed to addict customers. Applying our data to manipulate us to stay on a website may or may not be pernicious in its own right.

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