How Democrats plan to get Trump’s tax returns in 2019

-I’m going after the
President’s tax returns. I think they’re critical. -We really need to see
those tax returns. -People are gonna care. They want to know if
their President is a tax cheat. -We think that it will show us
some connection of what do the Russians
have on Donald Trump. -For decades,
presidential candidates have released
their tax returns. And for years, President Trump
told voters he would do the same. -Maybe I’m gonna do
the tax returns when Obama does
his birth certificate. If I decide to run for office,
I’ll produce my tax returns. -What is your tax rate?
-It’s none of your business. You’ll see it when I release. At the appropriate time,
I will release them. I mean, I became president. No, I don’t think
they care at all. -Now with Democrats in control
of the House, lawmakers are poised to seek
the President’s tax returns. -We’re keeping close to the vest
when we’re gonna do this and how we’re gonna do this
for obvious reasons. But leadership agrees that this
should be one of our priorities. -New Jersey Democrat Bill
Pascrell sits on the House Ways and Means committee,
one of three committees with the ability to request Trump’s returns from
the Secretary of the Treasury. -Every citizen has a right
to know if the President of the United
States is challenged ethically. -Since February 2017,
House Democrats have made 17 attempts to request
to release Trump’s tax returns. All were shot down
by House Republicans. -Supporting this resolution
would be a clear invasion of privacy. I would ask that all of our
committee members to take a step back for a moment and consider
the dangerous precedent of abuse that would be set
by this resolution. This is a very important
piece of legislation. If this legislation we do not
follow up on, then we are surrendering to the
Executive branch of government. -Democrats plan to use a little
known 1924 provision in the federal tax code to request
the President’s tax returns. The provision was added
during the Teapot Dome scandal that led to the first
Cabinet official sentenced to prison
for bribery and conspiracy involving the leasing
of public oil fields. -The law does authorize
two specific rights to the tax committees. They can obtain
anyone’s tax-return information by requesting it from
the Secretary of the Treasury, and they have the right
to submit any of the information
obtained to the full House, the full Senate for possible
disclosure to the public. -Over 40 years ago,
Congress cited this provision when it released
President Nixon’s tax returns. The IRS ultimately ordered Nixon to pay over $400,000
in back taxes. -I welcome this
kind of examination because people have got to know whether or not their president
is a crook. Well, I’m not a crook. I’ve earned everything I’ve got. -The demand to see the tax
returns of presidential candidates
really does grow out of Richard Nixon’s
presidency. Jimmy Carter ended up having
to put a lot of his money from the peanut farm business
in a blind trust. George W Bush,
who it was revealed had really immense wealth, lived with that revelation
through the tax returns. And Romney’s where we start
to see some kind of a push-back. -You know, I don’t know
how many years I’ll release. I’ll take a look at what
our documents are. -The norm was established
because of Richard Nixon. And, so, every candidate feared
if you didn’t do this that it would be
devastating politically. Voters wouldn’t trust
the candidate, and the press would assume that
the candidate was hiding things. So, Romney tests
that assumption, he ends up releasing
some material, and then Trump
altogether abandons it. -Do you believe voters have
a right to see your tax returns before they make
a final decision? -I don’t think they do.
But I do say this. I will really gladly give them.
You’re not gonna learn anything. -It’s pretty clear you can learn
a lot through tax returns. It’s not everything. But it gives us some guide
as to the wealth of a candidate, how they make their money, and if there is
or is not a problem, at least with current
investments and revenue, with the job that they hold. -Democrats acknowledge acquiring
Trump’s taxes could be a drawn-out process. -I think it’s a little
more challenging than you might think.
-The chairman has, you know, the right to ask
for those returns. And the President may feel
that there’s no law which forces him to do that. And then we’ll see. We’ll go to the courts. -If they start
investigating you, that you can play
and investigate them? -Better than them.
-Can you compartmentalize that? -And I think I know
more than they know. If they do that, then it’s just
all it is a war-like posture.

Author: Moderator