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thanks to you at home for joining us this hour very busy news day today we’ve got sort of a packed show tonight lots going on including a little bit of breaking news that we’re gonna get to in just a moment but in the wake of last night’s State of the Union address President Trump today you may have noticed he did not set off on any kind of message driven bus tour or any other kind of political event somewhere out in the country trying to sell the elements of his State of the Union address from last night presidents always used to do that I mean successfully or not they would at least try you might remember like george w bush trying to sell his privatize social security plan right he did this traveling road show on that which ended up making that idea less popular every time he did a new event but at least he tried you might remember President Obama and Vice President Biden going off on a road trip and making appearances with preschoolers to try to promote the pre-kindergarten initiative from one of the Obama State of the Union addresses at the start of his second term and who knows if these these kinds of hammer home the message tours actually do anything after a State of the Union address in terms of persuading Congress to pass legislation to effectuate that presidential idea and pass appropriations to fund it but at least those stunts those trips they did at least have the effect of keeping the press focused on the president’s message from the speech for a few more days after the biggest speech of the year was over and those efforts do at least show a president exerting a little bit energy right trying to at least maybe make a gesture toward selling his key ideas from his biggest speech of the year this year didn’t happen this year after the State of the Union address last night they are not even trying anything like that not with this president and maybe that makes sense to the extent that the big takeaway message from this State of the Union was the president’s somewhat odd declaration that there can be no more investigations of him with the implied or else threat I mean if that’s the point of this year’s State of the Union there really is no need for any sort of presidential stunt or bus tour trip to keep the focus on that weird line in the President’s speech and that key element of his presidency I mean he doesn’t need to do anything to change the fact that the ambient news hook events around this State of the Union this year were what happened the day before the address which is federal prosecutors subpoena in his inaugural committee and what happened the day after his address today when the Intelligence Committee announced the parameters for its renewed investigation of the president including spelling out the lines of inquiry that have that have since arisen that have derived from the original sin inquiry into Russia interfering in the 2016 presidential election to make Donald Trump president in the first place and I know you have probably seen headlines today about the intelligence committee announcing the parameters of its new investigation now right I mean yes there was an investigation when the Republicans were in control they ended early closed up shop and said no collusion now the Democrats are in control now Adam Schiff is the chairman of the Intelligence Committee chairmanship and the Democrats and his committee will be able to employ subpoena power for that investigation and you probably saw headlines about them announcing the parameters of that investigation today but did you actually look at what they announced I mean this I knew they’d announce something this is not what I was expecting this is way more of a capital D doozy than I think anybody was expecting outside this committee I mean just check out what they announced today quote in the more than two years since the intelligence community released its assessment of Russia’s malign influence operation targeting the 2016 US elections much has been learned about the scope and scale of the attack on our democracy including how covert and overt Russian activities in excuse me covert and overt Russian activities intersected with individuals associated with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign transition administration and business interests including the Trump Organization from late 2015 through early 2017 individuals close to Donald Trump engaged in a significant number of contacts with an array of individuals connected to or working on behalf of the Russian government and several of these contacts involved efforts to acquire and disseminate damaging information about Hillary Clinton in her campaign or related to Russia’s desired relief from US sanctions quote during the prior Congress the committee began to pursue credible reports of money laundering and financial compromise related to the business interests of President Trump his family and his associates unfortunately these and numerous other avenues of inquiry were not completed during the last Congress now in this new Congress the committee’s investigation will focus principally on five interconnected lines of inquiry beginning with these incomplete or unexamined investigative threads and so this is where they say the investigation is gonna go from here on out there’s five items and the first two of these items are gonna sound a little bit familiar to you basically they are in some important ways new but they’re gonna sound familiar here’s the first one quote the Intelligence Committee now says it will investigate number one quote the scope and scale of the Russian government’s operations to influence the u.s. political process and the US government’s response during and since the 2016 elections so this is close to the sort of remit that the Moller investigation was given when Muller was appointed as special counsel to look into the Russian government’s operations to interfere in the 2016 election but you will know this is a little broader right this is about influencing the u.s. political process more broadly and it expands from just the 2016 election to include time since the 2016 election as well so even though that is familiar that first point it is also expanded that’s one to the Intelligence Committee also says that it will investigate the extent of any links and/or coordination between the Russian government or related foreign actors and individuals associated with Donald Trump’s campaign transition administration or business interests in furtherance of the Russian government’s interests and again this sounds familiar right it sounds familiar from the remit of the Muller investigation right this is collusion this is looking at whether the Trump campaign was involved in what Russia did but it is a broader definition right links or coordination between all sorts of people associated with Donald Trump and the Russian government or foreign actors associated with the Russian government so again it looks similar to what molars ribbet is but it is a little bit broader including extending into the transition and the current administration and now look at this this is brand new the Intelligence Committee is also going to investigate quote whether any foreign actor has sought to compromise or holds leverage financial or otherwise over Donald Trump his family his business or his associates this means they are now officially and with subpoena power investigating directly the thing that you shout-out in the dark in the middle of the night when you wake up sweating and you thought it was a dream and you didn’t realize you said it out loud you know you wake up in the night drenched in sweat saying one of the president is a foreign agent that’s point number three they’re actually just looking at that how foreign actors sought to compromise or hold leverage over the president his family his business or his associates financially or otherwise yeah is the president of Russian agent his family or his business or his associates have they been compromised by foreign actors including Russia that would be a good thing to know it would help us all sleep for one thing but there’s more number for the Intelligence Committee will investigate quote whether President Trump his family or his associates are or were at any time at heightened risk of or vulnerable to foreign exploitation inducement manipulation pressure or coercion or have sought to influence US government policy in service of foreign interests in other words has the Russian government or any other foreign interest succeeded in these efforts have they by any means succeeded in getting the president or his family or people associated with him to act on behalf of foreign interests when it comes to US policy so number one have they been compromised number two have they been acting essentially as a Russian or otherwise foreign agent in trying to influence the United States and our policies gulp and lastly number five whether this intelligence committee the fifth of their five points today happy State of the Union mr. president they’re also looking into this they’re looking into whether any actors foreign or domestic SOT or are seeking to impede obstruct and/or mislead authorized investigations into these matters including those in the Congress so that’s broadly obstruction right anybody in foreign countries are here have they lied to or misled or blocked or attempted to intimidate or otherwise divert the Moller investigation or any other law enforcement investigation related to this matter or any of the congressional inquiries that relate to this matter five points and I don’t know what the president was hoping for last night when he decided to say in his State of the Union address that Congress shouldn’t investigate him anymore or the country gets it but I cannot imagine this was the desired result of that now indelible and permanent line that will always be part of the history of the Trump presidency and the history of the State of the Union address in America and these five threads that the investment that the Intelligence Committee says they’re going to investigate this isn’t just a democratic wish list for what they hope people might look into this isn’t just like a table of contents for stuff to worry about and sweat over in the night this is now the stated parameters of the new active intelligence committee investigation in the House of Representatives under Democratic leadership who have subpoena power today in their first act the Intelligence Committee also voted to convey witness transcripts to the special counsel to robert muller muller of course has already charged two people associated with the president for lying to congress Muller has charged the from a prosecutors have charged the president’s longtime political adviser Roger stone also the president’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen federal prosecutors have also made reference to Sam Patton allegedly lying to Congress and the plea deal that Patton made over his funneling foreign money into the Trump inauguration now we do not know if anybody else who has testified that the Intelligence Committee is likely to face the same kind of trouble in terms of potential felony charges potential legal liability for having lied to Congress under oath but this is a whole lot of transcripts that Muller received today from the Intelligence Committee these are a lot of witnesses that we are talking about here including the president’s eldest son and his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Trump campaign figures including Brad parse Cal who’s his new campaign manager and Steve Bannon who ran the Trump campaign after Paul Manafort and hope Hicks and Corey Lewandowski and Eric Prince of Blackwater Fame right and Keith Schiller the president’s longtime bodyguard alexander nix from cambridge analytic a former Republican congressman dana rohrabacher the president’s longtime secretary from his business Rona Graff I mean lots lots and lots of people transcripts amounting to thousands of pages and again we don’t know if any of those people any of those witnesses who testified under oath before the Intel committee we don’t know if any of them are facing the same kind of felony legal jeopardy that Roger stone and Michael Cohen have run up against and Sam Patton has run up against in their dealings of federal prosecutors but the conveying of these official transcripts to Robert Moeller’s office today means that the special counsel if they do want to bring legal charges against anyone for false statements in this testimony the special counsel now has the ability to do that with these official transcripts so in terms of what’s gonna happen next year don’t expect a bus tour from the president to highlight his State of the Union messages such as they were the president’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen had been scheduled to testify in Congress in public tomorrow and an open door hearing in Congress before the House Oversight Committee that has now been delayed after mr. Cohen said he felt his own safety and that of his family was in jeopardy because of threats from the president the day after tomorrow mr. Cohen had been scheduled to testify behind closed doors to the Intelligence Committee that as of today has also now been put off they have rescheduled that testimony for February 28th there’s a couple things interesting about that testimony being rescheduled first of all I think it’s interesting to note that these committees these members of Congress who were expecting him in his testimony none of them seemed to be angry or dissatisfied with Michael Cohen for this delay everybody’s saying that Cohen is still being cooperative they’re not upset with him they do not think that he is dodging them congresswoman Jackie Speier today veteran member of the Intelligence Committee she told reporters today that this delay should not be blamed on Cohen she said quote I think he is being very cooperative she said the delay is quote not at his request well who did want the delay then congressman Adam Schiff the new chairman of the Intelligence Committee added somewhat cryptically today that the delay of Michael Cohen’s testimony was quote in the interests of the investigation when congressman Schiff was asked by reporters today to explain what that meant he helpfully said mr. Cohen’s testimony was delayed in the interest of the investigation just repeated his previous cryptic statement basically telling reporters listen that’s all you’re getting and so I think there are a couple things to watch here as I mentioned on Monday of this week on the eve of the State of the Union address prosecutors from the Southern District of New York did issue a subpoena to the president’s inaugural committee now we don’t know if that relates at all to this delay in Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony or why delaying his testimony is something that might have been done in the interest of the investigation but keen-eyed observers have noted that the prosecutor has named on the subpoena to the inaugural committee is one of the same prosecutors who was involved in prosecuting the Michael Cohen case in the Southern District of New York so that suggests that perhaps there is some overlap there it has also been reported that the subpoena to the Trump inaugural committee asked specific questions about one specific donor interestingly a donor who had previously given to Obama and Clinton who nevertheless became a very enthusiastic Trump donor one strum once Trump won the election he is mentioned in the subpoena specifically he is reported to have had dealings with Michael Cohen so it’s possible that whatever is going on with this federal investigation and this federal grand jury subpoena to the president’s inaugural committee this week it’s possible that that is quite substantive ly related to Michael Cohen to what it with to whatever’s going on in his criminal case right now as he awaits the start of his federal prison sentence a month from today it may have to do with the delays to what had been expected otherwise to be his congressional testimony this week also there’s this new reporting from CNN as of last night as yet unmatched by any other news organization but CNN reported last night that prosecutors from the Southern District of New York are also now seeking interviews with Trump Organization executives meeting with executives from the president’s business now why would federal prosecutors be seeking interviews with Trump Organization executives now we don’t know we know the special counsel’s office subpoenaed the Trump Organization almost a year ago last March we know Michael Cohen has since been charged by prosecutors in the Southern District of New York and that hush-money case which implicated the President himself in effectively laundering money through the Trump Organization in order to make an illegal campaign contribution we know that Muller has since charged Cohen with lying to Congress about the Trump Organization and that their dealings with the Trump Tower Moscow project during the presidential campaign so again we don’t have any clear window into why Michael Cohen is all of a sudden no longer testifying to Congress this week and and and members of Congress who were expecting his testimony seem to be not at all bothered by that today not at all bothered by that tonight they say the delays are in the interest of the investigation and they won’t explain any further so we don’t have a clear window into what all of that means but we can see the various dots here just a question of how they connect it seems clear that something is afoot here that something is brewing but we will continue to watch that story tonight as it continues to develop hey there I’m Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we’re putting out you can click Subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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