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Maybe 2019 won’t has become a awful time after all, because this Fyre Festival content just stops on coming. In the battle of the two dueling Fyre films, one of the most interesting aspects was the role of Fuck Jerry, and who was truly responsible for the fiasco. In the Hulu documentary, one of the main interrogation topics was Oren Aks, who worked for Jerry Media to help market the celebration. Oren no longer drives there, and the movie ended with him generating Jerry Media the middle finger, in case you were wondering where that professional relationship purposed up.

Well, it doesn’t look like Oren and Fuck Jerry will be patching things up any time soon, because Oren is stirring up some serious sh* t on social media. He apparently still has the password to the official Fyre Festival Instagram account, which seems like a major oversight, and he relaunched the Fyre Festival IG account over the weekend. That’s right, Fyre is back in business.


In the bio for the report, who remains checked, it says that Oren is running the account, and that it’s not affiliated with Hulu, Netflix, or Fyre Media. I’m no lawyer, but I feel like as far as legal protections move, we are talking about as ironclad as posting one of those” I do not was agreed to Facebook sharing my data to third parties” statuses. I intend, he’s still applying their epithet, treat, and symbol, but whatever. And if you had any doubt about whether Oren was truly the one behind this, he’s posted about it on his own Instagram Story, and he’s also the only account that Fyre Festival follows.

Andy King

So now that Oren has brought back the Fyre Instagram, what does he intend to do with it? His ultimate inducements are still unclear, but I have a feeling that it’s not something Billy McFarland would approve of( unless it’s a swindle ). The biggest evidence we’ve gotten so far is an IG Story of the comment keyword filters on the account being removed. If you forgot about these, this was their space of hiding criticism in the weeks leading up to the festival, when it should have been clear to attendees that it was going to be a sh* t depict. If commentaries contained texts such as “fake, ” “scam, ” or “festival, ” they were immediately conceal. So, when concerned ticket holders tried to ask questions on the Fyre Festival Instagram about things like how their airplane tickets were getting to them or simply generally what the bargain was, those mentions would automatically get removed and they would get a swift block. Same thing would happen to anyone who tried to warn festivalgoers that the so-called ” one-in-a-lifetime experience” may not have been what it seemed. I signify, you know things are bad when a literal music celebration is afraid of the word “festival” being used against them.

Now it looks like you’ll be able to comment whatever you want on any of the Fyre Festival posts, so if you’ll excuse me, I have to cancel all my plans for the rest of the week. For now it just looks like people constituting Fyre Festival jokes, so I hope something big breaks soon.

No was important that ceases up happening with this, I’m happy to see that Oren, like me, is a messy bitch who lives for drama. I’m also glad that the Fyre brand isn’t genuinely dead, because nothing else has brought me more euphorium in the last month. If I were to Marie Kondo my entire life, I’d be left with approximately two shirts and five hundred Fyre films. With this news and rumors of Evian supporter Andy King getting his own display, there’s piles more to look forward to, so stay tuned.

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