Hobbs & Shaw (Official Trailer)

[Music] indeed him of the future of the planet [Music] under necessary shock to the system I am human evolutionary change bulletproof superhuman you bad guy the mission has been compromised we need help [Music] our targets name is Brixton he’s a ghost we’re gonna need the best trackers in the business Luke Hobbs on what you call a nice cold can of whoop-ass career-low man always gets his guy we’re gonna need to operate outside the system Deckard Shaw I’m what you might call a champagne problem rogue former mi6 agent doesn’t play well with others if we stand a chance against Brixton you guys have to work together this job requires stealth look at you I’m trying to save the world which for the record will be my fourth time cuz I’m really good at it you have no idea what we’re dealing with Hobbs is sure you know what a war you’ve got one remember me sure one two three [Music] three shocks will kill a man there we go the backrest feet you had to open your big mouth yeah yeah I thought it was cool things in the moment

Author: Moderator