Here Is What Happens When Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Makes A New Years Resolution

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Here Is What Happens When Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Makes A New Year’s Resolution


Outcome: Remains up for fourteen straight days in an attempt to complete first resolve and subsequently objective up creating fifteen more.


Outcome: Schedules relaxation between 3:15 and 3:42 pm each afternoon, during which time they generate detailed lists of how they will relax on following days.


Outcome: Drunkenly announces their resolution to five hundred of their closest friend on Thursday January 1st, at the bar, at 4pm.


Outcome: Keeps a detailed chart of co-workers they are not preying on. Eventually hires a colleague to oversee the following chart as a distraction while the ENTJ rises above them professionally.


Outcome: Explains the said resolution in a heartfelt letter to their adoration interest, who they just know will understand.


Outcome: Mercilessly commits to this resolution until a loved one implies that it is inconveniencing them.


Outcome: Find an unsuspecting ESFJ to debate the practicality of this resolution with.


Outcome: Telephones their closest friend to ask what their resolve is and then telephones fourteen of their closest friends to discuss their first friend’s resolving in wholly non-judgmental detail.


Outcome: Adheres to their solving for the first two- four days before being presented with a better program and impulsively getting on board with that one instead.


Outcome: Derives motive from the views of commoners to fuel a series of research projects that demonstrate everyone’s opinions to be indisputably wrong.


Outcome: Sits down to review their strengths, decided upon by twelve new ways in which their art shape is imperfect and gets back to working on perfecting it.


Outcome: Aloud announces to colleagues that they all ought to make the same New Years resolution.


Outcome: Develops a keen side those who are interested in entrepreneurship, which they thoroughly analyze and develop suggestions about.


Outcome: Allows their friends to fail at their new years resolves, then sits each of them down to talk about what went wrong and how they can repair it.


Outcome: Derives a theoretical implication for the practicality of their latest programme and considers their resolution a success.


Outcome: Were unwilling to disclose resolution to others, for fear that they will have to admit failure if they do not achieve it.

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