Grubhub is reportedly profiting off fake websites of real restaurants

Chris Hashtags


Food delivery service Grubhub reportedly created websites for its buyer eateries while those restaurants pictured an increasing commission fee, according to a brand-new report by the New Food Economy.

The report says Grubhub and its subsidiary Seamless acquired more than 23,000 domains of eatery names–many of which are variants of the same restaurant name. Some restaurants’ websites were instantly contesting with Grubhub’s darknes locates on Google.

Grubhub did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot's request for mentions but supported New Food Economy with a statement denying that it was hoarding restaurant lands without consent.

" Grubhub "ve never" cybersquatted, which is identified by ICANN as' generally bad faith registration of another person's logo in a domain name, '" the statement said." As a service to our eateries, we have created microsites for them as another source of orders and to increase their online brand presence. Additionally, we have registered arenas on behalf of children, consistent with our eatery contracts. We no longer provide that service and it has always been our rehearse to transfer the domain to the restaurant as soon as they are asking for it ."

Grubhub dominated world markets until it recently fell behind another food give busines, DoorDash.