Google Stadia Lands This YearIf You’re Willing to Pony Up

Streaming high-quality video to your laptop or television has been a dedicated for more than a decade now. Streaming high-quality competitions the same way? Not so much. Yet, after countless stalled attempts throughout the regions of the’ 00 s, gloomed gaming is poised for its highest-profile deployment hitherto, with Microsoft, Tencent, Electronic Arts, and others all working on their own platforms.

Out of that increasingly crowded field, it seems all but certain that Google’s forthcoming Stadia service will be the first to rise. In a digital keynote this morning, Google’s Phil Harrison and John Justice announced a slew of brand-new details, from open claims to pricing to( not-quite-exact) timing. The short form: Stadia will officially arrive in November. The slightly longer form: … if you’re willing to buy in now.

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