Gmail gets a useful right-click menu

Google is committing Gmail a new right-click menu. And it’s about time. While you’ve long been allowed to right-click on any email in your inbox, your alternatives were always limited. You could archive an email, celebrate it as read/ unread and delete it, but that was about it. Now, as the company announced today, that’s changing and you’re about to get a fully featured right-click menu that lets you do most of the things that Gmail’s top barroom menu tells you do, plus a few extra features.

Soon, when you right-click on a message in your inbox judgment, you’ll meet a long register of aspects with options to reply to letters and forward them, search for all emails from a sender or with these subjects and open multiple emails in multiple windows at the same time. You’ll likewise be able to add labels to emails, mute dialogues and use Gmail’s snooze peculiarity, all from the same menu.

All of this is pretty straightforward stuff and none of it is especially groundbreaking, which becomes you wonder why it took Google so long to implement it.

As usual, Google exclusively tells us that it is wheeling out this aspect to G Suite consumers now( starting today for those on the rapid freeing planned and on February 22 for those that follow the slower scheduled release cycle ). But free users typically picture these new boasts pop up somewhere around that same time frame, too.

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