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Google Glass may have never become a fixture in regular people’s daily lives like Google may have hoped, but the wearable device remains on trucking.

The tech giant propelled a new form of Glass on Monday. As its figure proposes, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 builds upon the business-focused direction Google proceeded in with the machine in 2017. Glass EE 2 wreaks a brand-new CPU and a legion of other improvements along with it.

First and foremost, the brand-new glass come packed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 chipping. Google said the new tech powering Glass would enable more efficient power use, better conduct and better machine learning capabilities.

That nice brand-new artillery can now be charged using a brand-new USB-C port, too. It likewise come here for a better camera, for good measure. It’s $ 999, which stirs it $500 cheaper than the inferior form Google began sending out to clients in 2013.

Last but certainly not least, the newer Glass model gazes significantly less silly than the old ones.

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The old form of Google Glass didn’t quite catch on with the public.

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The original iteration of Glass wasn’t precisely the smash Google wanted it to be. Aside from the engulf cost, Plenty of people justifiably knew it a bit creepy that others were walking around with internet-connected cameras on their faces, something that still hasn’t caught on in a big way six years later.

One person involved with the original Glass project expressed regret over the mode Google treated the rollout. In 2015, Google announced Glass would go on hiatus before accompanying it back in 2017 as an enterprise tool.

Since then, there have been plenty of tales about how helpful these new technologies has been in more specialized events. Even if Glass or other wearable face devices never become mainstream, it seems like they might still have their expends, after all.

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