‘Game of Thrones’ sets Twitter record with nearly 8 million related tweets

Book:A Song of Ice and Fire

Dracarys .

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No, it wasn’t only your imagination.

Twitter was ablaze Sunday following the night’s escapade of HBO’s Game of Thrones , with show-related content practically everywhere you examined. Harmonizing to Twitter, the social media desire fest was even more intense than usual — placing a new tweet record.

“We’re breaking records over here, ” wrote the Twitter communications unit. “Last night’s occurrence of @GameOfThrones was the most Tweeted about chapter of scripted television EVER with nearly 8 MILLION Tweets.”

Specifically, Variety reports that there were around 7.8 million unique tweets involving last night’s occurrence. The previous record owner was, you guessed it, another Game of Thrones escapade.

So there you have it. It wasn’t exactly you: Twitter customers did totally swamp the services offered with Game of Thrones content. If you’re not a fan of the display, you can take solace given the fact that the serial finale is scheduled to air on May 19. After that, you’ll have your old Twitter back. Joy.

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