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[Music] really a cool environment guys once the votes and ballot started rolling in for excuse me Marty Cosmo GTL renew don’t bring liquor here touching this Oh mommy the high up floor manager under you can just come and be by the water you think you can stop waiting for a second also happens to be a newspaper reporter and he was here tonight you’re asked to call the east metro auto theft auto fact team what other artists are going to be joining Bruno Mars during the halftime show so I’m excited to hear about that make his first appearance but in this case LaBeouf did not have that good morning John and Randy I can tell you that I just learned that about 35 people it’s hitting up against the seawall and also we’re worried about that tidal flooding in other areas tonight some of music’s very friends were at the EMP looking toward the future students stunned to learn what this federal complaint oh my goodness firefighters say that the you’re on private property flocks we have not gotten into the worst part of the storm yet that is to come a little bit later on tonight so team asked her and her supporters to say a prayer for Gina Robertson for remains hospitalized for stress-related illness car break-ins are down 28 percent this year but he is urging people to keep their doors locked and to continue to communicate you know a lot of these commuters having to deal with losing their home or their car you like that be honest you have for a second okay here I got a back to the studio every time we turn the counter on we’ve just got a lot of idiot getting in our way live in west colleagues and ha whoa I’m sorry Christian I 15kg only five news back to you guys police tell us they are still looking for those eight suspects reporting live in southwest Atlanta Angelique Proctor let’s remember that of course he played under Roberto Martinez at Wigan and at the time he was very much large lively a moment isn’t finding the survivor in a suit Wesley and rich Newman beat then done can be etched on their enzymes that start only hinata denotes the absolution the same thing that you cannot prepare for something that is still a relationship affected so many people from those Oakland parents for the stranger thought somehow tonight in Walnut Creek to come together for the vigil will hopefully get confirmation either way in the next hour or so business still not completed here critiquing the manager still here on site at Kara Rose parent company of Lehman Brothers filing for bankruptcy as the subsidiaries basically wind down or Lehman tries to sell them off in addition huge huge news so fun to watch chopped because of your reporting thank you so much for ruining the fun total complete killjoy all right down onto our decade and you’ve ruined our inside their home you heard from the mayor who said a number of people haven’t left that worries them but at this point if you haven’t left don’t go out you probably can’t get out of setting city anyway because the roads over 1 we have to eat these really fast because they’re not going to stay frozen and she didn’t believe me she said no it’s cold I said it has to be zero or ice cream won’t stay cold and lo and behold it’s still warm VDOT is asking folks to stay off the rolls and and then that helps them move along quicker here but you can take a look at the road here obviously the buffoonery has returned local area said that adding reminds Benson here midway through the season he said that’s what it comes with some challenges but he feels like it’s been a smooth one and you said if the two players really complement each other well and that’s been the big reason for their success and if you plan on coming down tomorrow you can expect an even larger crowd it’s supposed to be spooky at night for fan fest tomorrow oh yeah and of course lots of people drinking down here and you down in huge rare talent are going to be on stage the likes of Stevie Wonder Elton John Robbie William and then of course was the man who’s been the driving force behind it all Gary Barlow and earlier my colleague Emily Maitlis spoke to him drive half the speed limit that you would if you are out the road he has to be on the road but yeah I mean cars parked in the middle of the road we’re seeing it right here all over and just you know dodge that dodge those cars in the road absolutely opening week when we hear ya through Yahoo you’ve got colic what I’ll believe in the number of pot to to fit your senior Todd boy I think with this crowd where the best atmosphere is in college football just kind of brief alone with one of the first in a long time but now the winds kicking back up again Chad Myers the meteorologist CNN he he had said that oh there we go got some of the hooligans having some fun out there air Dez solo go over some a pony no you park oh no Jenna hold on a sec Japan I would replicate an occupancy no where near Modena top Abuja only together okay Don Kogen Corsica Contras Amador yo prob sistema de Dios we go with Sukhoi toes para que llora farah naaz no sustained a same demise anga here scusi TMI Sawant bagaric impose a leg on a seashell no nostril duty sports today he was back as a representative of the race [Applause] confirmed by family members following us with the victim like we will be poor lies in the listeners life is a sole support for this family nine five four four nine three push that you have any information another hole and then touch the MVP six for Fremont Street here is the place where locals and tourists alike gather to listen to music and you know people like this yes they look for this stuff all the time for example please see this guy’s Michael Jackson to do well thank you see this guy’s a little out of control right now but you can’t blame them for that you know let’s say a little bit more about Michael Jackie Michael Chang so basically the deal with the oven hi Howard it’s good you have a good Friday today yeah but we’re actually on the air run TV yeah thanks right now yeah thank you right thanks one what you know it just doesn’t get any better than doing this stuff down here this is live TV ed you’re rolling with the punch as well anyhow for the past four months I’ve been waiting for the Chrysler Concorde to come in oh he’s pulling his tail that’s the Easter Bunny yeah just can’t get this type of entertainment on so many Network I told my friend bhishan fatty otic Village Chrysler for many many times back in December because I’ve been actually waiting on this car and you’re going to see Conchords all over the road Laurie talks about how you dissolve aids out here because they’re basically what is left is the people walking around with this glazed look in their eyes and just stumbling like this one behind me hi yes how are you doing California oh very nice to meet you you know worrying I know you’re going to do it you’re going to do it in a few massage okay because we were just talking about here along Bourbon Street on the SPD rate that’s been going on here and so how long have you you had an STD I don’t have an STD then why did you want to talk oh my goodness oh my gosh I’m so smart and are you see really a shame doesn’t I don’t have this to do okay okay anyway so I’ve been taking care of the yeah in my own little way this is Marie niners so we can see what I’ve been having to deal with out here just an atmosphere here in this problem neither than my boss when we got here at 8 o’clock this morning that is a different coat here now it’s time to fill up with football fans but when we got here this morning it was full of Andy Murray fun hoping he unfolded this his start stance on finals would be start time lucky for him but it just wasn’t to be and look we will here are very disappointed but also a kingly prize and antimony and they say remember well he didn’t win well he made it to the final and he made it to the final this time last year the same Australian Open final went 0 here that end oh hello fingers talk for a difference I become this kind that me people not to lose are a total of the latest tennis players of our time amongst of Andre Agassi win his first you saw John Klump and hopin for him image of this idea because the lines are very very short very the lines are very very short and this properly stated a couple of people live here in the last hour and that’s because we’re going to get bunny studies on their arms Premiership cytosolic and you can see ambulance just left a fire truck just left and there’s a firefighter there right now but everyone is out second we’re live like I was saying it bit it’s there for many reasons it’s just that’s one of the reasons [Music]

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