Fox & Friends Host Brian Kilmeade Warns: Your Children Will Go to School With Illegals Who Dont Speak English

Fox& Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade on Wednesday invited to participate in some over-the-top fear-mongering, forewarning Fox observers that undocumented immigrants who” don’t speak English’ are being dumped in” working-class expanses” and army institutions with all their “extra kids.”

Criticizing Democratic presidential campaigner Julian Castro’s plan to decriminalize illegal entry into the United Statesand offer a direction of citizenship to millions of undocumented immigrants, Kilmeade carried nativist anxiety over non-English speaking children attending American schools.

” My question to you is what’s more important social programs for Americans, public academies for Americans or illegals who come here and necessity English as a second language ,” the Fox News host said.” Requirement give instructions public institution. Require to be given tutoring assist. Perhaps need social programs to prop them up .”

” I’m sure they are fine people ,” he added.

The legions went on to argue President Trump’s case that the southern border needs to be closedif the flow of asylum-seeking migrants doesn’t reduction, playing a clip of a former gang member claiming to Fox News host Laura Ingraham that” you are going to see a lot of gangs” coming across the border in migrant caravans.

” It’s not just our own borders municipalities ,” Kilmeade said.” They dump these illegals in areas, and President Obama did it with those unaccompanied minors, in working-class areas without telling mayors or governors .”

The Fox& Friends legion concluded:” Next thing you know you are sitting there and your kids come home and from school and there’s 10 extra kids in the school and they don’t speak English. So that’s what happens. They fan out across the country !”

In recent months, Fox News’ belief legions have come under ardour for inflammatory and controversial remarks about immigrants. Last August, Ingraham claimed that” massive demographic changes” make it” seem like the American we know and adoration doesn’t exist anymore .” Tucker Carlson, meanwhile, spurred an advertiser boycott in December after he said immigration obliges the United States” dirtier and poorer .”

This also isn’t the first time Kilmeade has clanged the alarm bells about migrant children. In January, he claimed that immigrants who” don’t speak English” had” submerge into Long Island” and doubled the classroom sizes of the schools .

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