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It’s not just you: We truly are investing less time on Facebook .</ figcaption>

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If you’ve experienced yourself spend less occasion on Facebook over the last year, you’re not alone. As the beleaguered corporation has battled scandal and tried to emphasize “meaningful” interactions over forge information and clickbait, it seems users are investing less occasion on the service.

Engagement with Facebook is set to decline or remain flat for the foreseeable future, according to a brand-new report from eMarketer.

Daily time spent on Facebook declined by three minutes among U.S. users in 2018, according to the firm. Users spent an average rate of 38 minutes a day on the pulpit in 2018, the report says, down from 41 minutes per day in 2017. eMarketer anticipates practice to further decline to 37 minutes a day by 2020 and remain flat in 2021.

Facebook give is declining.

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In a statement, eMarketer principal analyst Debra Aho Williamson attributes the slip to Facebook’s News Feed alters, which increased clickbait and other publisher content, as well as an overall shortage of popularity with teens.

While a few minutes may not seem like that large-scale of a bargain, it’s a worrying direction for Facebook, which still depends on its main app for a sizable chunk of its ad revenue. And the U.S. has long been one of its more lucrative sells. If the pulpit can no longer hold users’ attention in the same way, it was able to take a hit with advertisers.

The report does help explain Facebook’s recent decision to stop disclosing metrics for its main app and its alter toward private interactions.

It’s not entirely bleak, though. Instagram remains a bright smudge for the company, with usage set to rise through 2021, according to the firm. But even with that raise, it will probably be some time before Instagram engagement reaches Facebook’s level. Time spent on Instagram is expected to reach 27 minutes a day in 2018, eMarketer says.

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