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richest man in the world released evidence the National Inquirer tried to blackmail him with stolen explicit pictures and the whole story could add more gasoline on this federal probe that impacts Michael Cohen and Donald Trump this story has been everywhere since Amazon founder Jeff Bezos went public last night now prosecutors probing the tabloid leader that Bezos put on blast you may have heard of him Trump allied David pecker he stands accused of crimes that could even end the immunity deal that he famously got from New York prosecutors now today Packers company insists all of this was done lawfully Pecor though is in hot water over the kind of intrigue a got him in hot water in the first place allegedly using the National Enquirer as a way to attack enemies and reward allies because we already know the feds were probing how he arranged for The Enquirer to spend six figures buying stories from women linked to Trump like former Playboy model Karen McDougal in order to hide her story for Trump and of course the president had denied involvement but then those leaked tapes revealed Donald Trump talking to his lawyer Michael Cohen about listen for it their friend David David pecker which exposed the Trump was involved in the funding and also thinking about what would happen to the secrets David kept if he were ever stuck struck by a truck I need to hold another company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend David you know so that I’m gonna do that right away I’ve actually come up on TV and I’ve spoken to Alan why superb about how to set the whole thing up with funding yes all the stuff because here you never know where that company you never know what he so I’m all over that now David pecker has been hit by the infamous informational equivalent of a mac-10 truck and new allegations from bezos’s camp that a government entity may have stolen his messages and sent them to peckers operation so there are many avenues for prosecutors here David pecker was involved in hustling people to help Trump then he flipped and told on the people he worked with why does someone like that start telling on people as Rick Ross once explained it major league who catching because I’m pitching Jose Canseco just snitching because he’s finished well pecker looked finished and was testifying but the new evidence suggests pecker may still be in the game either because he can’t help himself or because there was some other things so dangerous he would risk his own federal immunity deal to stop it from getting out now tonight we don’t know what that thing would be but we have heard the Enquirer’s own past employees air out their suspicions in fact a 28-year veteran of The Enquirer told us just two months ago another shoe would be dropping do you think that ami did act in concert with the Trump Organization pain to break the law and should they be held accountable I think they did and I think there is another shoe to drop I mean the special counsels focus is now moving towards you know the Saudis role in all of this and they may not be they may not be out of trouble yet that was Jerry George Duke where’s LA bureau chief for 28 years as mentioned he’s back with me now live in Maya Wiley for a legal perspective as well Jerry is this the other shoe well yes I it’s it’s at least one shoe that’s going to drop it was not it was not expected the terms of the the federal prosecutor was that America Media needed only to keep their nose clean for three years it turns out they couldn’t do it for even three months I think that yeah and let’s pause on that point Maya will give us more legal expertise but you’re saying they struck a deal to get David pecker out of hot water despite all the bad stuff he’s accused of what I was calling the hustling and he just had to stop doing the bad stuff and you’re saying this is evidence he didn’t stop at all exactly it just was I I think I think the appeal of President Trump is just too irresistible to him what’s going on with the Saudis and this tabloid company that’s that’s a story that’s that’s unfolding as well I mean the this are involved somehow in this deal now we talked the last time about the special issue that American media put out seemingly from left field with the NBS on the cover and pictures of President Trump inside it was basically put out you know as a favor I think to someone and suddenly three months later American media came into a windfall of enough money to buy their competitors was it Saudi money who knows well you were linked up with a lot of these people have you heard stories or evidence that suggests there may be something illicit with the Saudis and whether the Trump administration was in on it III think that the the the Trump administration and the Saudis are our good friends and I think President Trump has has proven that by his his his his his lack of the word escapes me I’m yes thank you that’s what I do like work with words I mean look Jerry you were very clear when you were last here that this company that’s known for a certain type of celebrity coverage out of the blue does a big puff piece super positive about Saudi leadership and the prince out of the blue in every supermarket in America they’re not known for their foreign policy and now you have Bezos The Washington Post the Trump connection I want to be clear with viewers a lot more questions than answers tonight Maya but whether David pecker took an extraordinary risk here is is is I think one of the answers we haven’t want to read from this for your analysis they sign an agreement that said as was just mentioned they have to be good for three years from the agreement or all prosecutions arising out of the conduct of the agreement could be revisited does this in your view based on what is known if the Bezos emails are real look like David Packers back in legal trouble yes well well stay with me Jerri that one’s for Maya go on yes and go on I have to say more yes well so look what the southern district will do of course we’ll investigate to determine whether or not they think it violates a federal statute right so I’m not suggesting they’re just going to run in there and claim that he committed a crime they will investigate but yes they’re going to investigate aggressively I would guess because what this looks like on its face would fit the federal statute and there are a couple of other crimes that have to look into so for example we don’t know how they got the material right right so that’s one question because there could have been mail or wire fraud in getting that material we don’t know but that would be a category of crime and then there’s say they got the text messages in some way that wasn’t unlawful someone gave it to them but that would still raise the question of the way they used it if you are telling someone I’m going to damage your reputation unless you do this thing I want you to do that could be interpreted as a thing of value which is what the federal statute says a thing of value it looks hot I mean it looks a lot a lot worse than it did even 24 hours ago am i Wiley and Jerry George thanks to both of you hey I’m already melbourne from MSNBC you can see more of our videos right here or better yet subscribe to our youtube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you’re here with us and we appreciate that

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