England blocks $1.2 billion in Venezuela gold

a former UN official is criticizing the United States for engaging in economic warfare against Venezuela he’s attributing this as the real reason behind the humanitarian crisis in the country now over the years Venezuelans have dealt with hyperinflation along with food and medicine shortages his complaint comes as new reports are published that now the Bank of England is behind pressure from the United States is now withholding over a billion dollars of gold from Nicolas Maduro what we’re seeing here and it reminds me a lot of the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq we’ve seen here a coordinated effort to denounce demonize Maduro and to invoke human rights to say we need regime change because of the Venezuelan people but who is causing who’s aggravating the problem these sanctions have aggravated the problem the economic war have aggravated the problem when Maduro needed anti-malaria in the report that i presented to the human rights council last september all of this is documented I mean there are hundreds hundreds of cases in which the financial transactions that every state needs to survive have been blocked because Citibank or Wells Fargo have closed the accounts of Venezuela 2003 oil-rich country Iraq gets devastated and it’s the major oil companies that are repaying the profits 2011 Libya another oil-rich country gets devastated and the oil companies are laughing you know that it’s an enormous interest on the part of US business to get in there what we want to avoid is shedding of blood and I told the opposition people whom I personally met in Carrick at the time look if you topple the government what do you think is gonna happen there are seven eight nine million committed Chinese that’s what are they gonna do do you think they’re just gonna roll over do you think they’re gonna disappear no they are Venezuelans they have rights and they are going to demand their rights so you cannot simply ignore their existence so you have to make sure that you reach some sort of a compromise it is not for me I’m an American it’s not for me to tell the Venezuelans whom they should elect if they elected massively Chavez again and again and they elected Maduro in 2013/14 2018 that is exclusively exclusively for the Venezuelans to decide in free elections and free elections means you’re not going to boycott them you’re going to participate and joining us now to discuss everything out of Venezuela we’re joined now by former UK MP George Galloway George Great Britain putting their support behind one Guido in Venezuela by holding this 1.2 billion in gold requested by the elected leader Nicolas Maduro what do you make of that move well it’s an act of international piracy it’s a handy reminder that you don’t have to look like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean to be a pirate sometimes a pirate is in a lounge suit and sipping not from a rum bottle but a glass of Perrier water because that’s what the Bank of England officials have just done it’s theft its brigand rates piracy and a useful reminder to everyone that the last place in the world you should trust with your gold with your money is perfidious Albion and it’s bank and I hope the other world leaders take note of that it is not the first time of course that this has happened I myself negotiated with the British government and the Bank of England for the release of Albania’s gold after overthrew calm but the British were still holding on to their gold which they’d seized in 1944 and I tell you it took a lot of negotiating to get that gold released so the British are very unreliable place to bank your money okay 1944 was quite a long time ago George but it appears that the Maduro government the Maduro government had been asking for their money for several weeks so not quite since 1944 but the bankers in London rejected that request citing fears that the Venezuelan officials might as they say take the gold for personal gain so who are they to to police how or where other nations money is spent well imagine if you went to your bank this afternoon and asked for some of your money out of your account and the manager refused to give it to you because you might use it for personal gain it is an utter it’s a complete reversal of the purpose of banking and of course this is coming from the very same people crying crocodile tears for poverty in Venezuela they’re telling us that people are hungry in Venezuela while stealing Venezuela’s money which could have fed them but that’s a good point Georgian and guess who’s getting the interest from holding on to all that gold you can be sure now I’m sure my husband had money if I had money Manila the last place in the world I would keep it would be in England I’d bank it in Russia or China it’s the most safe place see that’s good to know it’s like I was gonna say my husband would be glad to call the bank and say don’t let her spend on buying another pair of shoes but that’s a different argument they will say for another day but states such as Mexico Russia China Turkey they’re all still recognising Maduro as the president of Venezuela correct and India and and and seven million as your correspondent just said they are the former UN report or there are seven million eight million nine jester’s by the way many of those are armed the idea that this regime change operation will be uncontested is absolutely absurd it will be contested as bitterly as the regime change in Iraq was contested and look what happened to that ya Georgian that’s a very important point to make is that the majority of the Venezuelans the the denizens of the country recognize Maduro as the president however you have all these Western powers putting their weight behind Guido so how long can this tug of war actually go on on the international stage before a decision has made one way or the other the putting the weight behind them but they can’t pronounce his name they don’t know anything at all about him he is a man in Caracas who proclaimed himself to be the president and swore himself in as the president I’ve been following politics and deeply involved in it for 50 years I have never seen anything quite like this they usually wait till the man they want rid of is either dead or fled but here we have a fully functioning government with the army on its site and many millions of supporters in the country and you’ve got foreign heads of state including heads of state like Donald Trump treasom a macron in France whose control over their own contract countries is extremely perilous at this point in time appointing someone they don’t even know can’t pronounce his name as the president of a far-off country which just happens to have the world’s largest oil reserves funny that isn’t it no Rumsfeld once said Rumsfeld once said it’s not our fault that God put America’s oil under other people’s countries I’m afraid Rumsfeld is back in spirit although he may even be back in person anytime soon Elliott Abrams is back John Bolton is yes why not Rumsfeld why not war for vich why not Jenny yeah this is a certainly reminisce of the the bush-era which is a you know a neocon era of American society might it might be back who knows real simply George last question for you is this economic warfare it is it is warfare mod our most foul it’s killing people and it’s a prelude to the actual killing of people with sharp steel a red-hot and sheets of flying glass I’m afraid these people have opened the gates of hell in Latin America just as surely as they open them in the Middle East no good can come of it Manila alright thank you for spending some time with us today George Galloway pleasure hey YouTube thanks for checking out our channel we hope you enjoyed the video we have tons of content for you just like this for more of RT America’s one of a kind news and analysis be sure to subscribe and never stop question anymore

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