Don’t worry, Lorraine Kelly isn’t being fake

actor Image copyright Shutterstock

“Lorraine Kelly is one of the most ruthless people you’ll satisfy in the business, ” joked Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain last week.

“Don’t be fooled by that halo. To warm herself up for her testify, she literally assassinations kittens and puppies.”

Morgan’s joke, which he made the day after Kelly’s win at the TRIC Awards, was funny precisely since it was the opposite of the Lorraine millions of viewers know and love.

In fact, her warm, likeable TV persona is the very ground so many of us were fascinated by a tax ruling involving Kelly on Wednesday.

As part of a dispute with HMRC, Judge Jennifer Dean governed that Kelly is playing a particular version of herself on breeze, which signifies she could be considered a “theatrical artist”.

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